The Simpsons and Family Guy Announce Celeb Cameos For New Seasons

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Credit: Fox


Over the years both The Simpsons and Family Guy have become equally as renowned for their guest stars as they have for their humour, so it is with great excitement that I see Fox have announced a list of A Grade celebs ready to take part in the new seasons of both shows.

Starting this Fall, The Simpsons 26th season will see voiceover cameos from will feature the voices of The Newsroom‘s Jane Fonda, Spider-Man‘s Willem Dafoe and Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman.

Comedians Sarah Silverman and Jeffrey Ross, as well as Frasier‘s David Hyde Pierce will also guest star in the Fox series.

I love David Hyde Pierce’s dry humour and I am a massive fan of Parks and Rec, especially Nick Offerman so I’m really looking forward to those two.


Credit: Fox

When Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy returns, they will be welcoming the guest voices of Liam Neeson, Julie Bowen from Modern Family and Mom’s Allison Janney.

Celeb cameos aside, we also have what I am sure will be the amazing crossover episode to look forward to. “The Simpsons Guy” will air on Fox on September 28.