The Cold Doesn’t Bother Her Anyway: Georgina Haig Cast As OUAT’s Elsa

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

The coolest casting of all has finally been announced!

TVLine reports exclusively that Georgina Haig will join the fourth season of ABC’s Once Upon A Time as ice-queen of Arendelle and star of Disney’s Frozen, Elsa.

Haig is probably best known for her role as Etta Bishop in Fringe, and has also appeared in Underbelly, Reckless and Dance Academy.

Credit: TVLine
Credit: TVLine

As previously reported, blonde beauty Haig joins newcomer Elizabeth Lail as her on-screen sister Anna, and Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff.

The closing moments of season three saw Elsa arrive in Storybrooke in the ultimate cliffhanger for Oncers, leaving many sceptical following the huge success of Frozen last year. OUAT co-creator Anthony Horowitz, however, has promised to look after the Disney treasures, telling TVLine, “We are very well aware of how beloved [Frozen] is, so we’re very careful that we want to tell a story that is uniquely ours but also honors those characters that everyone fell in love with this past year”.

This is something OUAT has done hugely successfully in the past, creating a totally new perspective on classic characters such as Peter Pan and Red Riding Hood, as co-showrunner Eddy Kitis added, “The thing we love about Elsa is she is perceived to be a villain but is clearly misunderstood, and that goes to the heart of our show”.

As a fan of Frozen (who isn’t?) I’m excited to see the residents of Arendelle journey to Storybrooke, and to see what the Once writers do with the trio. If the three seasons of character development of Regina, also known as the Evil Queen, is anything to go by, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

Once Upon A Time will return to ABC with Haig, Lail and Foster’s debuts this Fall.


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