Gary Oldman Praises ‘Apes’ Co-Star but States “I don’t know if Oscars will accept Andy Serkis”

Credit: Kim Gottlieb-Walker,
Credit: Kim Gottlieb-Walker,

Nobody can deny or even doubt of Andy Serkis’ talent. Nobody, I’m telling you. And while I think he deserves all the prizes and recognition in the world, the sad truth is that the industry keeps ignoring him.

But hey, neither me or the cast and crew of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes are losing hope on that!

The cast and crew of this film spoke to Digital Spy about Andy Serkis’ chances of winning an Oscar nomination for playing ape rebellion-leader Caesar.

Although Serkis’ performance is outstanding, not only for the technology used for this portrayal (the forever amazing performance capture technology, which he also used for his role as Gollum, among others) but for his actual acting skills, his co-star Gary Oldman doubts the Academy voters could consider him for a nomination:

“He’s mentioned [in contention]. There isn’t a review that hasn’t said how wonderful he is. The audience and critics acknowledge the work, I just don’t know if it’s the sort of thing that the Academy will accept”, Oldman said.

Sadly, I agree.

I don’t know the criteria of the Academy as it seems to change every year, usually for worse, but it would be extra-incredible if for once they recognized Serkis’ work.

But if we take on count that Gary Oldman, one of the greatest actors of our times (and in my world, the absolute best), has only been nominated once and ignored several times… I see Serkis nomination still far.