From The Man Of Steel To…: Brandon Routh Joins ‘Arrow’ Season 3 as Which Hero?

Photo courtesy of Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Brandon Routh is returning to DC, but not in the role that you think.

TVLine reported that the former Superman actor will be joining the cast as Ray Palmer, otherwise known as The Atom, in Arrow‘s third season.

For those in the know, this isn’t the first time that Routh will be playing in the DC Universe. He starred as Clark Kent/Superman in 2006 Superman Returns. The movie, if I’m not mistaken, was supposed to be a reboot/continuation of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies. It was also the first superhero movie done by X-Men director/franchise leader, Bryan Singer.

While it is an okay movie, Superman Returns disappointed at the box office and the Man of Steel didn’t appear on the big screen until 2013 with Henry Cavill in the lead. Routh, however, did pretty well in the movie. Routh’s TV credits include the beloved and lamented Chuck and the newly lamented Enlisted.

The Atom, the superhero, rarely appears on screen at all. The hero appeared on Cartoon Network’s Young JusticeBatman: The Brave and the Bold, and Justice League: Unlimited. All of these shows, for those not in the know, are animated (and very good). The Atom had appeared in live action in the past but well…let’s just say The Justice League of America pilot/movie thing from the 90’s wasn’t very good.

In Arrow, Palmer will be the new CEO of Queens Consolidated. This will have a significant impact on Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak.

Sounds like Arrow season three is shaping up to be excellent. Now all I need to do is play so much catch-up with season two!

Arrow‘s third season will premiere October 3rd at 8pm EST on the CW.

Bec Heim