Could This be The Face of The New iPhone 6?

Tech-giants Apple appear to be sizing up the competition in the smartphone world; two sizes, in fact. Pictures of the rumoured iPhone 6’s front panels emerged online showcasing two different size options.

9to5Mac reported that Sonny Dickinson, a reliable tipster with online leaks, released the image shown below which shows the rumoured 4.7 inch model and the 5.5 inch model side-by-side. Rumours of two size variations of the phone were already introduced throughout the online community.

Photo: 9to5Mac

The picture seems to confirm previous reports that the next-gen smart phone will have rounded edges similar to the iPod Touch and an extra hole beside the ear speaker which is speculated to be an added proximity sensor.

Of course, there are plenty of other rumoured features for the upcoming gadget including; an A8 processor, a Lytro-style camera with the ability to capture layered imagery and an extra-durable sapphire glass display. All of these features are yet to be confirmed.

We will find out exactly what is true and untrue this autumn when Apple reveal the iPhone 6 and all of its features along with the possibility of an iWatch, which has also been rumoured but not yet confirmed.



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