Chuck Palahniuk Discusses Fight Club 2

Photo: Dark Horse Comics
Photo: Dark Horse Comics

The first two rules of Fight Club were broken when Chuck Palahniuk, the creator of Fight Club himself, announced his Fight Club sequel Fight Club 2, a serialised graphic novel in 2013. The 10-issue Dark Horse Comics maxiseries, illustrated by Cameron Stewart, is due to be released in May 2015 and will revisit the Narrator 10 years after the seeming end of Tyler Durden. “Nowadays, Tyler is telling the story, lurking inside the Narrator, and ready to launch a come-back. The Narrator’s oblivious. Marla is bored. Their marriage has run aground on the rocky coastline of middle-aged suburban boredom. It’s only when their little boy disappears, kidnapped by Tyler, that the Narrator is dragged back into the world of Mayhem.”

The original novel, published in 1996 and later adapted into the 1999 film of the same name directed by David Fincher and starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, saw a profile lift when the film went on to become a cult favourite after a poor Box Office reception. The novel itself, according to Palahniuk, was an updated form of The Great Gatsby.

“Really, what I was writing was just The Great Gatsby updated a little. It was ‘apostolic’ fiction – where a surviving apostle tells the story of his hero. There are two men and a woman. And one man, the hero, is shot to death.”

When talking about the sequel Palahniuk revealed, in an interview with USA Today, that the Narrator tries to go back and reclaim “that phase of his life” and is just a pathetic failure owing to the fact that he’s not who he used to be. Moreover we find out “what the organization has grown into in his absence and what he’s pulled back into.”

Palahniuk discussed how fatherhood remains as much a theme in the sequel as it was in the original novel, because the original was “such a tirade against fathers — everything I had thought my father had not done combined with everything my peers were griping about their fathers.” Palahniuk goes on to say that at the age that his father was when he was trashing him made him want to revisit it from the father’s perspective and see if things were any better and why it repeats like that. But what does this mean for readers? Well, it means we get more Fight Club but sequels rarely do the original any justice.

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Look out for more details to come as Chuck Palahniuk will be on a Fight Club panel with Fincher on Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con 2014.



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