Will Walter White Call on Saul Goodman in “Better Call Saul”?

Courtesy of Mashable

Despite his lies and deceit, we can’t help but seriously miss Walter White. Having Brian Cranston and the rest of the Breaking Bad crew on our screens every week was a blessing. Unsurprisingly, we are still suffering from serious separation anxiety from Jesse, Walter, Walter Jr, Hank, and even Gus. Luckily for Breaking Bad fans, some of our favourites will be returning to our screens for the shows upcoming spin off, like Walter White himself reports DigitalSpy.

Just last year AMC announced its plans for Better Call Saul, a spinoff following the loveable yet conniving lawyer played by Bob Odenkirk. A well-connected source told Hollywood Life that the show will allegedly use both flashbacks and flash forwards. This provides room Cranston to make an appearance as Walter White.

Cranston, who is currently starring as past American president Lyndon B. Johnson in Boradway’s All The Way, has said he would be willing to not only appear in the spin off, but to appear in a Breaking Bad movie. Breaking Bad’s Jesse, Aaron Paul, has also expressed interest in appearing in the prequel series.

Better Call Saul will debut in November.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues