What To Watch: Graceland Is My Summer Destination

Photo: USA Network
Photo: USA Network

Hello, hello, and welcome back to What To Watch! This week I am recommending season two of USA breakout hit Graceland. I will admit, as a huge fan of last summer’s first outing I am a little biased, but I shall try to be objective when looking at the three 30 second trailers.



So much for being objective. Being totally honest, the main pull to the show for me was Aaron Tveit, and season two already promises him in a suit and him shirtless, so I’m pretty happy.



On a more serious note though, “things are different” indeed, as the trailer also shows a lot of character development since we left the gang, with Mike’s experiences in season one taking their toll on his mental state, which is something I’m really excited to see Tveit act.



We can additionally see that the friendships the gang have forged are now under huge strain, especially with Mike’s new position in the house. This is painstakingly obvious in the strained relationship between Mike and Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata), who acted as a mentor to the younger agent throughout the first season.

As well as this, it looks as if Mike and Paige, played by Serinda Swan, will finally be acting on their obvious sexual chemistry, and that Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) is as feisty as ever.

The trailer also teases everything I loved about season one, including the drama, action, violence, suspense, not forgetting those all-important cliffhangers I suffered through, all of which had me on the edge of my seat and coming back every week for more.

For me, the show has a lot to build on, but also a lot to live up to. Nevertheless, the trailer looks promising and I’ll definitely be tuning in next Wednesday June 11th on USA Network. If you like any kind of cop show, (CSI, NCIS, etc), or you just like Aaron Tveit’s face, then I recommend you do too!


Take a look back at season one below: