What I Wore: Casual Tuesdays

As you may have noticed by now I’m a huge fan of anything nautical. Mainly anchors. They’re everywhere, and I’m not kidding. From my home décor, to my jewelry, and even tattooed on my ankle, I just can’t get enough.

Case in point, what I wore for a day on the boat/lunch on the Vineyard. Sadly my co-worker has taken another job so to celebrate her remaining days my boss decided a boat trip was in order. And of course most of my wardrobe is perfect for a boat trip!

I went with an anchor graphic tee from a local shop paired with some light boyfriend jeans from Old Navy. I live in my orange Havaiana flops and I swear to you they are the most comfortable pair of flip-flops that I own.

I went with curls and a bold lip and light make-up since I knew I’d look a little weathered after the boat ride.

I promise I won’t spam you guys with my anchor wear but I’m sure you’ll be able to find at least one anchor in every post!


2014-06-03 08.25.41