Tube Talent Spotlight: 5 Reasons To Admire Tyler Oakley

Courtesy Prizeo
Courtesy Prizeo

It feels repetitive to tell people how incredible Tyler Oakley is because more and more people have come to love and admire him in a short period of time. 4.5 million YouTube subscribers later, Oakley has taken the world by storm. Not just anyone can sit in front of a camera and just talk, which is why Oakley is so impressive. When you watch one of his videos, you feel as though he is talking to you.

1) The Trevor Project

Avid viewers of Tyler know that he interned for the Trevor Project pre-YouTube fame, and continues to be a supporter of the incredible LGBT help phone organization. For his birthday Tyler, instead of accepting presents, encouraged his viewers to donate money to win a date with him. He raised over 500 thousand dollars for the organization. It’s an incredible thing to use your power and influence to do something that helps so many people. Through raising this money Oakley raised awareness and encouraged his viewers to help other people instead of give him gifts.

2) Social Media

Just saw y’all organized #TroylerTwitterMeetup to find, interact and follow each other on Twitter?! We have the best viewers in the world.

Tyler Oakley is more than funny, quirky and entertaining. Tyler treats his channel as a business. He acts as though his videos are his products and he wants to create products that viewers can benefit from. He markets his brand on social media expertly and in a way that has even attracted the attention of Barack Obama. Social media has become a huge movement and marketing tool, and Tyler is a huge part of that movement. Through social media Tyler has made connections with businesses, fans, friends and has successfully marketed both his videos and the videos of his friends. He is an incredible businessperson, proven in how he has achieved partnerships, and used panels and guest speaking openings as a platform for advocating of both LGBT youth and YouTube.

3) His confidence

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Courtesy Rebloggy
Courtesy Rebloggy
Courtesy Rebloggy

Tyler’s confidence is neither condescending or arrogant. Tyler is proud of who he is, and makes no apologies for being himself. His confidence inspires his fans to similarly be proud of who they are, and to embrace the things that makes them different. Tyler is part of numerous organizations geared towards LGBT youth but Tyler always encourages his fans, regardless their orientations, to embrace who they are and what makes them unique.

4) He’s hilarious

We cannot ignore the hilarity that is Tyler Oakley. Tyler’s laugh is enough to make us giggle, but his shenanigans in collaboration videos and his sass in his Q&A’s always leave us roaring with laughter. Most importantly, Tyler is always the first to laugh at himself. He is always his quirky and awkward self in videos, which is why we stick around from start to finish every time he uploads a new video. He encourages us to laugh at ourselves, and to giggle at the smallest of things just because we can. Tyler’s videos never cease to brighten our days, and to leave us smiling.

5) His promotion of his fellow YouTubers

YouTube is a community, which is why it is never “every man for himself.” Rather, it is “every man for everyone else.” YouTuber’s may use social media to promote their videos, but through collaborations, shout outs, and Twitter interactions they help promote their fellow YouTube friends. Tyler loves to make hilarious collaborations and in turn introduce his fans to other YouTubers. He is always eager to get his fans exposed to new and exciting YouTuber’s and is always excited to congratulate his fellow YouTuber’s on their contributions.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues