‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Clip Shows Kelsey Grammer Getting Up in Wahlberg’s Face

Photo courtesy of G4TV
Photo courtesy of G4TV

Transformers: Age of Extinction is a little over a week away from premiering.

Now I’m not entirely sure of the reactions of the world at large, but I’m kind of shrugging with indifference. After Dark of the Moon and (oh dear God) Revenge of the Fallen, I am kind of internally cringing at what fresh hell awaits fans of the franchise.

So I’m focusing on indifference, a lot of indifference.

In the newest clip for the film, Kelsey Grammer and Mark Wahlberg interact. It’s a very quiet scene and did send a bit of a chill up my arm. Mainly because of how Grammer’s character nonchalantly says that he will kill Wahlberg’s character and his daughter to stop the Transformers.

So, at least that scene promises something much better then what was previously offered.

Lookin’ right at you, Ken Jeong. That “Deep Wang” bit left scars.

You can check out the clip below. Transformers: Age of Extinction will come out on June 27th in the US.

Bec Heim