Time to “Ride On The Magic School Bus” Again: Netflix Eyes a ‘Magic School Bus’ Reboot

Photo courtesy of Fanpop
Photo courtesy of Fanpop

The Magic School Bus was an educational television series. Every week, the fantastic Miss Frizzle would show her third grade class the wonders of the world of science with the help of her sentient bus and her chameleon, Liz.

Practically every child who had grown up watching the fantastical adventures wished that they were apart of Miss Frizzle’s class. I know I was one of them. Between The Magic School Bus and Bill Nye, science class was very fun and entertaining as a child.

Well now a new generation of children and those of the old generation who are still children at heart can enjoy adventures of Miss Frizzle and her class.

Netflix and Scholastic Media have announced a new, rebooted Magic School Bus series. The show, which will be called The Magic School Bus 360, will be a CGI created series. The eponymous Magic School Bus will be given an upgrade as well to allow a new generation of children to discover a love of science.

Here’s the concept art of the redesign.

Photo courtesy of Scholastic Media
Photo courtesy of Scholastic Media

Ah this takes me back. While I eventually majored in English in college, the show did teach me to have passion about whatever I study and learn, and some of the things that I learned watching the show stuck with me in science classes.

Plus, now that I am older, Miss Frizzle was totally a Time Lord. No one can convince me otherwise.

If you want to take a quick nostalgia trip, I leave you with the opening credits for the show.

Bec Heim