This is my Konfession

Credit: E!

I have a Konfession…. I am a Kardashian addict, and I can’t keep it hidden any longer. Especially with the news that Kourtney is expecting her third child with the Lord, I mean Scott Disick.

Now I know that many people can’t stand the Kardashian Klan, but I think people read too much into it. At the end of the day they are just a bizarre, dysfunctional family. Sure, I can’t relate to their lifestyle but the issues of family dynamics are things that most of can relate to. Like your sister stealing your clothes, or being a bitch for no good reason.


They are entertaining and stupidly silly sometimes and I love to laugh at/with them. I love sharing in Kim’s countless weddings, followed by her predictable divorces. I cried with Khloe as things fell apart with Lamar. I totally understand how self-conscious poor Rob is. I basically see myself as a long lost Kardashian sister. You can just start calling me Kaitlin from here on out.