The Ting Tings Are Back! Listen To Their New Single “Wrong Club” Now!

Ting Tings
Credit: MTV


The Ting-Tings are back- with a rather catchy new single which is the first to be taken from their forthcoming third album.

“Wrong Club” will be released on July 28, but you can have a first listen below.

The band explain that while on the surface the song is simply about being in the “wrong club,” as always, they’ve put their unique twist on things.

“It’s about feeling like you don’t fit in – finding someone you can leave with – finding someone like you – finding someone who likes you – even if you can’t dance like the rest,” the band said.

“It’s a dark take on a good time. Finding your place on the dance floor or shunning the stereotypes around you because they can’t see your vision regardless how wrong or right.”

The new album, which was written over a period of six months in Ibiza and produced by Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor, is set to be released this autumn, and will be the follow up to 2012’s Sounds From Nowhereville

What are your thoughts on the single? Personally, I liked it, but then I usually do like their stuff. I’m sure we can all remember the exceedingly catchy “That’s Not My Name,” which was released back in 2008, and reached number 1 in the UK. Do you think “Wrong Club” will have the same kind of success?