The Returned Casting: All You Need To Know

Credit: Getty Images


New A&E drama The Returned is steadily lining up a cast list and it is shaping up to be a really great line-up.

“But what is The Returned?” I hear you all cry. Well, it’s a new drama series being made, based on the French version Les Revenants. It will be a 10 episode series, focusing on a small town which gets turned upside down when several people who are assumed dead after a fatal bus crash, start to reappear.

I am really, super intrigued by this, but I don’t deal well with the gory and the grizzly, so I’m hoping it’s more of a psychological drama/ thriller rather than anything bloody or gross. Apparently the French version has been incredibly popular, both in its native country and the US, but clearly that’s passed me by.

There’s no word yet on an expected premiere date, but there is plenty of details on the casting.

ABC’s Suburgatory may have been cancelled, but its star Jeremy Sisto is already planning his TV comeback, tapped to play the part of Peter, a psychologist who sets up a support group to help the townspeople through their grief.

Joining him will be 24’s Agnes Bruckner, playing the sheriff’s chief deputy. Sandrine Holt (House of Cards) will play Julie, a compassionate doctor struggling in her personal life, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Smashed) will take on the role of Rowan, who has a difficult time coping after the death of her musician boyfriend.

Also added to the cast is Kevin Alejandro (Arrow), Sophie Lowe (Once Upon A Time In Wonderland) and Lost’s Mark Pellegrino.