Sarah Paulson Reveals Details Of Her Upcoming “American Horror Story: Freak Show” Characters

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Hold onto your hats American Horror Story fans, this season’s Freak Show is going to be one hell of a ride.

Franchise star Sarah Paulson has tweeted a little insight into her characters Bette and Dot. Yes, two characters. Accompanying the image, Paulson tweeted “Two heads are better than one!”

Yep, two heads, one body. Sarah Paulson’s characters will be Siamese Twins, Bette and Dot. Sadly that’s it though; there were no more details to be shared.



Earlier in the week however, Paulson described to E! News her first reaction at seeing the Freak Show script for the first time, her reaction was a whole two words “Holy Shit!”

“I feel like that’s the appropriate reaction you want when you read the first script of American Horror Story” she went on to add “So it’s very exciting and totally nerve-wracking in the best way, because you think “How the hell am I going to pull this off!” And as an actor, I think that’s an exciting thing to feel.”

So what do we know about Freak Show so far? Well, we know that it’s set in Jupiter, Florida during the 1950s and that Jessica Lange’s character will be from Germany and will be the one running the carnival. Oh, and we also know that one of the so called “freaks” will be Paulson’s Siamese Twins, Bette and Dot.

I love American Horror Story, all previous incarnations included. The weird and wonderful, depraved and evil, humorous and strange things the AHS world has given us have been the stuff of nightmares and many, many a workplace conversation.

However, despite all of the things I love and all the things that have kept me coming back season after season, there is one thing that could potentially (read: most probably definitely) turn me away for good. I will tune in for the season premiere, I will sit and watch the parade of “freaks”, but the first hint or sight of a clown, I’m outta there!


Sarah Goddard