“Meet Baby Elsa and Her Brother Sven.” Frozen Characters Trigger A Baby Name Boom

Photo courtesy of Disney
Photo courtesy of Disney


It seems as though no one can let Frozen go, not even new parents. According to BabyCentre.com, the name Elsa has, for the first time, broken into the top 100 list of girls names as parents everywhere either hope and pray their child will grow up to have magic powers, or just really like the name. Maybe they’re also fond of lions? Only those who have read or watched Born Free will understand what I mean, but trust me, that’s worth a look too.

Obviously, the surge in popularity has arisen from the massive success of the Disney film, and no doubt we will also see a rise in the popularity of the name Anna- and possibly a whole generation of little girls saddled with the curse of having to introduce themselves with “It’s spelled Anna, but pronounced Ah-na.”

Babycentre also reported that other Frozen character names are climbing up the list too; most notably Kristoff and Hans. Well, if you name your child Hans, after what he did? I’m judging you.

Sven has also enjoyed a surge, but Olaf is only up 4%. Someone give those babies a warm hug. They’re named after a snowman for goodness sake.

Anna Hill, vice president of Disney UK, told BabyCentre, “Families are really connecting with Elsa’s fight to overcome her fears and the powerful strength of the family bond which has helped her to achieve this.”

Maybe. Or maybe they just thought naming their baby after a Disney character was a really cool thing. As a mother who named her children after the world’s biggest Rock ‘n’ Roll star, a Desperate Housewives character and an actor, I say if you like it, go with it.