“Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things” in This Week’s Episode of Orphan Black

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The seventh episode of Orphan Black hit our screens this past Saturday and while it didn’t contain an epic seestra singing scene like last week’s did, I think it’s safe to say that it still left us with our jaws on the floor. Let us discuss last weekend’s episode, “Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things”!

Family Day
It’s almost time for family day at the rehabilitation centre and Alison has recruited her new friend Vic to help her get ready! As the two work on crafts together, Vic tells her that if she talks about and admits why she’s there or what’s bothering her, it will be key in her getting better. Though she knows Vic and a bit of his past with Sarah, Alison surprisingly tells him about how she slept with her best friend Aynsley’s husband. Oh, and how she basically killed her. Vic is working for Bitchface Angie and calls her almost immediately after Alison’s confession. Unlucky for him, Alison hears the phone call and must now find a way to shut him up. Perhaps a scarf and garbage disposal? It worked last time.

When Family Day arrives, Vic finds himself being pulled by Alison into her room, only to come face-to-face with his old friend Felix. Felix really lets into him about how he should be getting better rather than slumming it with the police to get out of trouble. Vic can’t be bothered by anything him or Alison are saying until they drop Sarah’s name. Vic tells them that if he gets to speak with Sarah, he won’t report back to Angie. Though it seems like it will never happen, it does. It’s gotta be said that Sarah’s soft spot for the Clone Club has been showing a lot recently and now is no different! She shows up to talk to Vic who has gone from wanting to have a small chat with Sarah to wanting to have a full-blown conversation about everything. Reluctantly, Sarah begins to chat with him but as she’s pressed for time, she just tells him that she agrees they were a couple of train wrecks and that she’s sorry for everything that happened. Before much more can be said, Vic ends up passing out and smashing his head on the nearby craft table. It turns out that Felix anticipated something like this happening and spiked Vic’s tea beforehand. Nice move, Fee!

Having your monitor, your clone, your clone’s ex-boyfriend, your clone’s brother and a police officer that’s trying to bust you, all in one building is obviously an absolutely horrific combination. Sarah experiences this first hand when she is mistaken for Alison and is taken into the main room of the rehab centre and asked to give an opening speech for Family Day. After completely bombing the opening speech, she’s then asked to partake in a roleplaying situation with Donnie in front of everyone. The roleplaying involves Donnie playing the part of Alison and Alison (or Sarah) acting like Donnie. I repeat, Sarah is being Alison who is being Donnie. We’ve seen Sarah stand up to Donnie while portraying Alison before and now is no different. She begins accusing him of never listening to her and always “monitoring” her every move.

While Sarah is roleplaying with Donnie, Alison and Felix are trying to move Vic’s body out of her room so no one will see him in there. The two almost run right into Angie who has shown up to talk to Vic but luckily they are able to hide away in a room while also using Vic’s phone to lead Angie back outside. Felix and Alison are still a really great team!

Sarah is able to get herself out of the roleplaying situation by using the classic excuse that she needs to tinkle but ends up going back to Alison’s room where she meets Felix and the real Alison. Not long after getting back into the room, Donnie comes strolling in and finds himself looking at Sarah, Alison and Felix. Alison brings Donnie into the room and tells him that yes, the woman in the room is her clone, the elusive Sarah Manning, and that she knows he’s going to go and report back to Leekie about it. Donnie looks like he has no idea what is happening which is actually true. He explains to Alison that when they were in college he was recruited to a sociology experiment where their subjects would be unaware and he had no idea what had actually been going on. Despite her husband not knowing, Alison blows up on him and tells him that she was so in love with him and that he has completely ruined their family and storms off leaving Donnie alone with a VERY vengeful look on his face.

New Faces and a Reunion
Leekie knows about Ethan Duncan being alive and since Paul told him that he was unable to track him through Sarah (that’s right, Paul seems to be taking Sarah’s side once more), he is starting to freak out a little bit. He ends up calling his old comrade, Marian Bowles, to discuss the fact that Rachel is beginning to take things personally, as well as the fact that the scientist they believed to be dead, is indeed alive. It seems that Marian is actually the one that is in control of, or the boss of, Rachel. Will we actually ever know who is 100% in charge around Dyad? I mean, geez! During their conversation, Marian tells Leekie that Rachel will heed to what is said no matter what. She adds on that the only time she gets to see Leekie is when Sarah Manning is involved and that they should look into that. I think Leekie just got owned by Marian Bowles.

Marian isn’t the only lady dropping by Dyad these days, so is Siobhan Sadler! That’s right, Mrs. S has just walked into the Dyad Institute! She tells Leekie that she has something that he wants, the early research of Susan and Ethan Duncan that he believed was destroyed in the lab fire. Leekie tells Siobhan that her word won’t be good enough and he’ll need Duncan in order to authenticate that information. Mrs. S has no problem telling him that she’ll gladly hand him over as long as he backs off of Kira and never bothers her again. Leekie seems to be down with that bargain and let’s Mrs. S go about her business. As she’s leaving, she phones Sarah to tell her that she’s very sure that Rachel has no clue what actually happened to her mother. Always looking to blow things up, Sarah says that it’s time for Rachel to meet Ethan Duncan and learn the truth.

Paul brings Rachel to Mrs. S’s most recent hideout to meet with her father. Mrs. S tells Rachel that she has fifteen minutes to talk to her father and if her or Paul try anything on the way out, she’ll put a bullet in Ethan’s head. When Rachel is reunited with her father, we see actual tears coming from her! She does have a soul! We see the tears continue to flow as he breaks the news to her about how her mother was actually killed.

After the reunion, Rachel returns to Dyad to talk to Leekie. She tells Leekie that her father sends his regards and he warns her that she can’t become emotional now and that he did what he had to do in order to get the science from them because they were setting it back decades. Unfortunately for him, Rachel has decided to side with nurture rather than nature. She phones Marian Bowles while he is present and Marian tells Rachel that Leekie was too involved and caught up in Sarah Manning so he has to be dealt with. After that phone call, Rachel tells Leekie that if he wants to make it out of town that he’d be wise to not go to his car or his house. Just like that, Professor Aldous Leekie has left the building. Unfortunately, on his way out though, he ends up being tailed by a car. As it turns out, that car is being driven by none other than Donnie Hendrix. Donnie Hendrix and a pistol, that is. Donnie gets Leekie into his car and begins laying into him about how he can’t believe what they’ve done to Alison without him knowing anything about it and how they’ve ruined his marriage. Though Leekie is literally running for his life, he takes this time to insult and mock Donnie rather than be nice to him. Lucky for him, Donnie is a bit of a pushover and is satisfied with letting him go as long as he is done being Alison’s monitor and done working for them. To get his point across, Donnie feels the need to scream once more that he’s finished and when he yells, he also slams his hand on the steering wheel and I’m sure you can guess what happened next. Let’s just say, the interior of his car got a new paint jobs with Leekie’s brains. Donnie Hendrix just shot Aldous Leekie in the head.

Save Cosima
Cosima is continuing to undergo her testing with her lady right by her side. It’s really cute, actually. Stem cells from the exfoliated dental pulp of baby teeth are being injected directing into her uterus, which, isn’t that cute. It’s pretty disgusting actually but hey, if it’s helping, then carry on! Delphine continues to be really hopeful about the procedure so let’s hope that she’s just not saving face.

Cosima is definitely on board for the tests, until she manages to find out that the stem cells are actually from Kira. It turns out that after Kira was hit by that car and hospitalized in season one, Leekie managed to weasel his way into the hospital and get a tooth that has been knocked out during the accident. Sneaky Leekie. Yeah, I said it. Cosima is absolutely enraged that Delphine knew about this but didn’t tell her and Delphine tries to get her to calm down by telling her she didn’t know until after the testing started working. She also hits Cosima with the truth that if they want to continue this that they’re going to have to get Kira somehow because that one tooth isn’t going to do the trick.

After much debate and reflection, Cosima ends up making the call to Sarah that she’s been dreading for some time now. She tells Sarah that Kira was the donor, how she became the donor and that if they are to continue, Kira will have to be involved, or at least her teeth. Cal is there for this phone call and is not on board with having Kira involved with any science whatsoever but Sarah is fighting with him on this matter. Her Clone Club soft spot is showing again. The world’s smartest child, Kira, is able to overhear this entire conversation and rather than interrupt them, she takes it upon herself to rip out a tooth for her Auntie Cosima. KIRA IS THE BEST CHILD EVER AND NEVER FAILS. With that act of bravery and Sarah’s desperation to save one of her sisters, the two head to the Dyad Institute.

Rather than having a “Best Bits” section this week, let’s all take a moment to remember that conniving  jerk of a Neolutionist, Aldous Leekie. He was bad, then for a second maybe he was good but then again he just turned out to be a huge a-hole. Rest in peace, Aldous, ya big joker.

The season is starting to wind down in terms of numbers of episodes left but not in twists and drama! Next week will be the eighth episode of the season and Cosima and Cophine fans, I hope that we can make it through!

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