Kevin Spacey Puts An End To James Bond Villain Rumours

Kevin Spacey
Credit: Deadline


Kevin Spacey as the next Bond villain? Not a chance, according to the actor himself.

Not only has Kevin Spacey denied the rumours, he has gone all out to try and put an end to any speculation whatsoever in a new interview with the BBC.

The actor (somewhat brusquely, in my opinion) said he has never even been offered any role in the next Bond film, being directed by Sam Mendes and due for release in 2015.

“I don’t know why people keep writing about this,” Spacey told the BBC.

“I’ve been offered no role, I’ve never read a script, no, I am not doing the next James Bond movie.”

When the journalist jokingly came back with “So that’s a no, then?” Spacey once again reiterated his stance, saying “It’s a no. I don’t know who started the rumour but please stop it.”

“Obviously if he (Mendes) wanted me he would’ve offered me the role,” Spacey continued, adding “I don’t even know if there is a role, frankly.”

Sam Mendes has been invited to direct the 24th Bond movie after his success with 2012’s Skyfall, which took $1bn worldwide. He has worked with Spacey twice before, on the 1999 film American Beauty and again for the Bridge Project’s 2011 production of Richard III, in which Spacey played the title role.

Spacey’s role can be seen i the new documentary, Now: In the Wings on a World Stage, which follows him and the cast as they create the show and take it on tour starting in London and ending in New York.

Spacey can currently be seen in the one man play Clarence Darrow, marking the end of his ten year stint as artistic director at the Old Vic theatre. House of Cards is also set to return for a third series on Netflix, in which Spacey stars as Frank Underwood.

The actor admitted he had “no idea” when the series could end but added that he is “Enjoying it very much.”