Kellan Lutz and Taryn Manning Join Cast of Indie Film “Experimenter”

PA Images


Twilight star Kellan Lutz is to play William Shatner in indie drama Experimenter, about notorious social psychologist Stanley Milgram. We say social psychologist, I prefer to think of him as “Slightly unhinged mentalist.”

Milgrim is the man who, way back in 1961 conducted the still controversial Obedience Experiments at Yale University. He took ordinary people and observed their responses as they were led to believe they were sending harmful electric shock to a perfectly nice stranger. I have studied these experiments and while undoubtedly very interesting, the results do make for some very disturbed reading.

Now I know you’re all wondering how on earth William Shatner fits into all of this, well he portrayed Milgrim in a 1970’s TV movie. I have no idea how that fits into this movie, but it does, apparently. Peter Sarsgard stars in the film, presumably as Milgrim, alongside Winona Ryder in an as yet unknown role.

ER’s Anthony Edwards will play Miller, the first person subjected to the experiment, and Orange is the New Black’s Taryn Manning plays Mrs Lowe, a test subject who becomes distressed by the process.

I have to say, this movie, which has already started shooting in New York, sounds very intriguing, and they certainly have some great actors in their cast. Only time will tell if this small indie film will make it big.