Jim Parsons and Rihanna Go On a Wild and Crazy Road Trip in the ‘Home’ Trailer

Photo courtesy of Dreamworks
Photo courtesy of DreamWorks

When I saw the Mister Peabody and Sherman movie a few months back, I remember that the movie had a little animated short before it. It featured an adorable alien race called the Boov. These little critters are short and squishy and if someone doesn’t make a stuffed animal that I can hug, then I will be very upset.

Before I start talking about the trailer, here’s the short “Almost Home” to get everyone up to speed.


It’s really funny right? And is it just me or does that thing on that one Boov’s head remind anyone of the brain slugs from Futurama?

So the Boov, led by Steve Martin, have found a potential new home on Earth.

Now what happens?

Well the basic summary of the movie is that the Boov begin to relocate the humans on the planet Earth to parts unknown. One resourceful girl, Tip (voiced by Rihanna), has so far managed to evade capture and relocation with her cat, Pig. While on the run she meets a banished Boov named Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons) who has accidentally notified the Boov’s enemies of their whereabouts. Hijinks in an insane flying care of awesome ensue.

Parsons is best known for his role of Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. So far I find Oh to be an endearing delight who just doesn’t know how to interact with others. While music star Rihanna (and I am not holding Battleship against her because that movie was just terrible from the start) tries to break into voice acting as Tip, who I also like. Tip seems to be a good straight woman to Oh.

Jennifer Lopez will also be in the movie as Tip’s mother. Steve Martin, as mentioned, will voice the Boov’s leader Captain Smek.

The movie is based on a book called The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex. Rihanna will also be working on a concept album for the movie, which will feature 12 original songs.

Home will be released on March 27, 2015.

Bec Heim