Goonies Never Say Die! Sean Astin Reveals He Wants In On The Sequel

Credit: Warner Bros


Goonies never say die, and Sean Astin has proved that point. The actor has revealed that he would be happy to return for the Goonies sequel which is currently in the works.

The original director of the 1985 film, Richard Donner, has already revealed that he would like all the stars to reprise their roles, and now Astin has weighed in on this, telling E Online: “I certainly like the idea of doing it. I don’t know if I’d be in it or not. If they really wanted us to be in it, I’m sure there would be some way to work it out.”

That is great news in itself, but Astin also added that Corey Feldman would be on board.

“We talk a lot. Corey and I are buddies,” Astin said. “Oh, he’s fired up. He’s ready to go.”

We’re ready here at 4YE too. We were ready yesterday. Our Truffle Shuffle is perfected and we’re just waiting to be called upon.

Details of the sequel are scarce, but Astin thinks it will focus on the children of the originals. “I think that’s what they want to do. I think they want to focus primarily on the kids,” Astin said. “I think the audience may be split on that, so they’re trying to figure it out.”

The Goonies was a huge part of my childhood; I was always confident that it was an epic masterpiece, and all the best things come round again, don’t they? If they could get all the original cast to return I would be beside myself with joy.