George RR Martin “Fantastic Four” fan letter revealed.

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I love it when fandoms find each other.

Marvel Comics has revealed a Fantastic Four fan letter from none other than a young George RR Martin.

The A Song of Ice and Fire author, who would have been 14 or 15 at the time, wrote a letter to Jack Kirby and Stan Lee praising Fantastic Four #17.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Who knew Martin was such a Marvel fanboy? I certainly didn’t!

The letter was printed in 1963’s Fantastic Four #17. Another of his letters also appeared in 1964’s Avengers #12.

“I cannot fathom how you could fit so much action into so few pages”.

I feel you, George, I feel you.

Even at 15 he had such style to write and praise others. Although a question arises: was he genuinely praising Lee and Kirby’s work or was he being politely sarcastic?

You can be the judge.

Either way, I find it absolutely fantastic!

George RR Martin will attend the 2014 Edinburgh International Book Festival, while Game of Thrones fans wait for season 5.