Friendship Bracelet Time: ‘Daredevil’ Casts Matt Murdoch’s BFF

Photo courtesy of Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

The cast for Daredevil continues to grow!

We have our dashing hero, the vile villain, and a kind-hearted woman.

And now we have…the BFF!

Yes! That’s right Matt Murdoch’s best friend, Foggy Nelson, has been cast in the series. Elden Henson, who will play Pollux in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, has nabbed the role. Other memorable credits includes roles in She’s All That and The Mighty Ducks. So he has quite the resume backing him up.

Foggy’s character will be dedicated in improving the community and helping others. So it stands to reason that he will, outside of interacting with Murdoch, will probably encounter Rosario Dawson’s do-gooder character as well.

Now we don’t know how the series will exactly diverge from comics. So I’ll go light on the details of his character. In the comics, Foggy was a lawyer and did some time as District Attorney. He was the everyman character and considered to be the optimist of the team early on.

How much of that characterization will stay is up to the tone, the writers, and everything else regarding the show. So we’ll have to wait until 2015 to see just how Foggy will be portrayed.

Bec Heim