Ear-gasm Alert: Jam out with 4YE’s Top 10 Songs for your Summer Playlist

Credit: onthefourthfloor.com
Credit: onthefourthfloor.com

Summer is the time to enjoy the sun, a BBQ, the beach and quality time with friends and family. But, of course, you need a suitable playlist to make this time of the year extra special! Conveniently, we here at 4YE want to suggest our top 10 choices of great music to add to your playlists to truly make this a summer to remember!

*Disclaimer: We’ve purposely left out some songs that are painfully obvious summer songs because that would be a waste of a list spot and we want to give some other songs some summer love! So, sorry if “Summer” by Calvin Harris is your jam, but you won’t see it on this list!


10. Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong

This song isn’t particularly a typical summer song, but it really works with these warm evenings. It’s mellow with a hint of anger or irritation. For some reason, it just belongs on a summer playlist so enjoy!

9. Lana Del Rey – West Coast

Although this song doesn’t possess the instrumental qualities of a “summer song”, the fresh atmosphere this song creates can set a certain mood to any summer hang-out with your friends. It’s cool, it’s something to sway to and it’s something you can have a drink to.

8. Lady Gaga – Fashion!

This song is bright, fresh and something that will make known you’re looking good and feelin’ fine! This song is super boppy and great for beach parties or even more sophisticated events. It’s outro is also an explosion of electronic fun.

7. George Ezra – Budapest

This song is the perfect evening song for laid-back, BBQ gatherings. There’s nothing more relaxing than a simple guitar-led instrumental with a gorgeous voice illustrating a wonderful little chorus.

6. Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars

Another great song that will inject some energy into all of your summer gatherings. It’s climatic build-ups and choruses will bring a really lively spirit to your summer.

5. Stromae – Moules Frites

This song is from an album we reviewed a while back by Belgian superstar, Stromae. I remember listening to this particular song back in Spring and thinking it had such a summer vibe. The use of deeper harmonies and syncopation really create that summer feel that makes you want to get out into that hot weather!

4. Paramore – Fast In My Car OR Ain’t It Fun

We couldn’t choose between these two amazing tracks that are both equally suitable summer jams. “Fast In My Car” is very heavy on the drums and has a strong free feeling to it that works great with, as you could have guessed, car journeys!

“Ain’t It Fun” is incredibly funky and definitely one to have some fun to with your friends. We mean dancing, by the way. Well, whatever floats your boat really!

3. Route 94 – My Love

The pulsing beat with cool piano and drooly bass will have you swaying by the pool whilst wearing oversized shades and holding a drink of your choice.

2. Vance Joy – Riptide

If you enjoy breezy car journeys to everywhere and anywhere, this song is essential to make those journeys really summery. It’s a sweet, little delight!

1. Oliver Heldens – Gecko (Overdive)

This is a very hot track that will not only work well in clubs this summer, but it will also work great at any sort of summer gatherings or pool/beach hangouts. A crisp beat with some cool synths and rhythmical surprises make this a very adaptable, summer party jam.

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