Chris Colfer-Led Noël Biopic Finds Its Music Master in Patrick Wolf

Photo: NME

Just over a month ago we brought you the news that the witty, flamboyant, and exciting early life of British actor/playwright/songwriter/producer, Noël Coward was being brought to the big screen under the watchful eye of director Joe Stephenson. Stepping into Coward’s classy shoes is the smart and delightful Chris Colfer. Now the biopic, with the current working title of Noël, has found its music man with the announcement on Monday that English singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf will be scoring the film.

Like Coward, Wolf hails from South London and is known for his eclectic style of music, ranging from Electronic Pop to Baroque Chamber. In his works, he frequently combines classical instruments (particularly the ukulele, piano and viola) with electronic sampling. Although Noël will be his first film score, he has previously contributed to other film soundtracks including John Maybury’s The Edge of Love and Samantha Morton’s The Unloved.

Speaking of his involvement with the film, Wolf said, “I am so thrilled for my first film soundtrack composition to be about Noël Coward’s early life. We both grew up in the same parts of South West London, and began our journeys onto the stage and into writing at the same precocious age.

“The script, director, Noël Coward Estate and the cast attached combined are already in perfect synergy to make this something magical,” he added.

With a similar background, and an equally eclectic taste as Coward, it seems the pairing will be a match made in Heaven.

As well as working on the score, Wolf is currently recording his sixth studio album and is set to perform a limited number of solo shows over the next three months, mainly in northern Europe.

Along with Colfer, it is reported that British acting royalty in the form of Ian McKellen, Vanessa Redgrave, and Jonathan Pryce are in talks to appear.

Noël is due to commence filming late in July in London.

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