Brian Michael Bendis Takes To Tumblr To Laugh Off X-Men Cancellation Rumours

Credit: Marvel Comics


Brian Michael Bendis has taken to Tumblr to laugh off the rumour that Marvel is planning on ending the X-Men series.

Possibly the best platform to use if you really want to be heard nowadays, the writer dismissed the rumour as outlandish, declaring the idea that Marvel would end its top selling line just to spite 20th Century Fox “lacked logic.”

“Somebody somewhere for whatever reason, be it a lack of attention at home, frustration with their own life, whatever it is that motivates such things, completely pulls something right out of their ass and posted it on the internet,” he wrote in his Tumblr post.

“And sometimes, no matter how outlandish the claim, no matter how many people point to the lack of logic, no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary… some people choose to believe it.

“I was told when I started writing the X-Men that there is a very small part of the readership that feels very persecuted. That no matter what Marvel does these readers think that marvel hates the X-Men with a fiery passion and are looking to destroy it.”

He went on to promise “something exciting coming next summer” to the X-Men line. The original rumour (which does seem particularly laughable) claimed that Marvel Comics were going to reboot their entire line to feature no mutants, supposedly as part of Fox’s possession of the X-Men film rights.

Marvel were also forced to deny rumours that they were to cancel all their Fantastic Four titles too, under similar circumstances. Josh Trank is currently directing a Fantastic Four reboot for Fox.

Brian Michael Bendis became a writer for X-Men in 2012 as part of the Marvel Now! initiative. How refreshing to see a writer defending their line with such aplomb, and on a popular site such as Tumblr, you can guarantee his message will soon spread.