Back To The Future! Hill Valley To Be Recreated… In London?

Credit: Universal Pictures


Fire up the Delorean and take me back to the future… Secret Cinema has announced they are to stage a Back to the Future event live in London, including recreating the entire town of Hill Valley.

The town will be built in a secret location (hence the name, obviously), and will enable audiences to become citizens from 1955/1985.

The event will be in two halves – the first allowing the audience to interact with one another in Hill Valley, and the second half will incorporate a special screening of the film along with some “surprise elements.”

Audience participation will be encouraged, and there will be a time machine available to transport participants into another existence, as well as secret alleys and passageways to take fans to 1985 and 2015.

A battle of the bands contest will take place to determine what band will take to the stage each night, and a top secret high profile band has also been confirmed for the event, which just sounds better and better by the second.

An “Enchantment under the Sea” prom will also take place at a venue near the secret location.

Secret Cinema founder and artistic director Fabien Riggall said: “For Secret Cinema presents Back to the Future, we will build an entire town, where audiences will live inside the world of Back to the Future.

“We will play heavily on the innocent dreamlike Americana world of 1955 and the nostalgic pre mobile phone world of 1985.”

I don’t know how I’ve gone all my life without knowing of Secret Cinema’s existence… though the clue is in the title, I guess. Apparently they’ve done similar events before, with Dirty Dancing, Grease and Top Gun. This Back to the Future event sounds totally awesome, and I’m incredibly envious of those who get to go.

Tickets for the event, which runs from July 24 to August 10, go on sale today from the Secret Cinema website.