4YE Quick Lists: Six Things I Want to Happen For The Sixth and Final Season of Glee

Photo courtesy of Glee.Wiki
Photo courtesy of Glee.Wiki

With the final season of the Fox hit on the way, the time has come for throwing my wishes for the season into the atmosphere. Of course it is highly unlikely all of these things will happen, but this is Glee, and stranger things have happened.

First things first, I need Rachel Berry to get a dose of reality. I know that there is no reality in Glee; however even on the scale of Glee logic, Rachel Berry hasn’t had to deal with the same stresses that so many of the other characters have. We do know that there will be a substantial time jump between the end of Season Five and the beginning of Season Six, so I would really like to discover that Rachel’s TV show failed to be a hit. I have no issue with discovering she has become successful after that, however it would be really refreshing to see that Rachel Berry is infallible because the Rachel Berry we saw in Season Five truly believed that the world did revolve around her.

The second thing I want to happen in the final season is for Rachel to get a new boyfriend. This would work again based on the supposed time jump because Rachel would eventually have to move on from Finn. I am not saying for one minute that Rachel would ever forget about Finn, however no one would expect her to be alone forever after his sad passing. The show has always shown people moving on after the death of loved ones, take Burt and Carol as the prime example, and Finn would not have wanted Rachel to be lonely forever.

Talking about moving on, I really want as many of the original New Directions to return for the final season as possible, so we can see how their lives have turned out. We already know that we will see Sam, Kurt, Blaine, Artie and Rachel, however I also want to see how the military has changed Noah and if he and Quinn have made their relationship work. It would be lovely for all the fans to see how their own favourites have wended their way through life.

Even though he was never a member of New Directions, I really want to see that Dave Karofsky is okay and to discover how he has moved on from the still traumatic scenes in “On My Way”. This is what I want to happen, I want to see Dave happy with a partner and a real life, by showing this the show would be sending such an amazing message to fans and would truly show that it does get better. I would also love to see a final scene between Karofsky and Kurt to show that the people we are in High School are not the people we are when we are fully formed adults.

The next thing I want to see in Season Six will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me. I need to see the “Klaine” wedding. I need to see Kurt and Blaine start their Happy Ever After. I know I will not be alone in hoping this is a part of our final season of the show. For me, Kurt Hummel really has been the heart of Glee, and if we do not get to see the wedding I know there will be such a furore on social media, it would melt my laptop. Kurt deserves to be happy with Blaine, and it would be guaranteed to make me sob like a baby to watch my OTP become Mr & Mr Anderson-Hummel. While we are talking about Klaine, I also want to see Kurt finally get the recognition he deserves in his career, for him to find his ideal role on Broadway and let the world see just how talented he truly is.

We know that McKinley High will be playing a role in this final season of Glee, and my final wish for the season is that we finish where we began, with the New Directions singing for one last time in the Auditorium. I don’t know what I want the last song of the show to be, however it needs to be a group number with all the people we have grown to love over the last six years. It would also allow us to see how Mr Schue has dealt with the closure of the Glee Club, and regardless of where he is teaching, he also needs to return to McKinley for the final scenes of the show.

So there we have it, that’s what this Gleek wants to see for the final season of a show which has made me laugh, made me cry and brought so many amazing friends into my life.

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