4YE Quick Lists: 12 Favourite “So You Think You Can Dance” Performances

Photo: Fox
Photo: Fox

With season 11 of So You Think You Can Dance entering the heat of the competition on Wednesday as the top 20 perform live for the first time, we here at 4YE thought it would be a great idea to look back at all our old favourites.

I have to admit, this was the hardest list I have ever had to make for this site – I wanted to pick all of them! Some how I managed to get the number down to twelve of my personal favourite performances over the last 10 seasons so let’s get right to it shall we?

Amy & Travis – Wicked Game

This dance from season 10 winner and season two’s runner up is probably my favourite dance they have done on this show. It was pure magic. The emotion, the technique, the chemistry; it was all there. I can watch this dance over and over and never get bored – goosebumps every time.

Alex & Twitch – Outta Your Mind

THIS DANCE! I can’t begin to explain how fun this dance is to watch. Alex was my favourite dancer from this season and I honestly think he would have won if he didn’t get hurt. This man dances ballet. This man is also killing it with this hip hop routine. He kept up with one of the greatest in Twitch and I will always remember it.

Kayla & Kupono – Gravity

I still remember watching this dance for the first time and just freaking out over how good it was and just how dark it was. Kupono’s performance, to this day, scares the sh*t out of me because it is so real – he really gave himself over to the character he was portraying. Such a huge number and will never be forgotten by anyone who watches the show.

Robert & Allison – Fix You

If there is one dance that will make me cry every single time I watch it it will be this dance. The story about trying to fix someone who isn’t doing well resonates with everyone and this dance is just heartbreaking. If you aren’t in tears – or close to tears – by the end of this number then I applaud you for being so strong.

Amy & Fik-shun – Hotel Party

After so many emotional pieces I had to go back to something really fun and a little bit sexy. Amy and Fik-shun from season ten were my favourite couple. They had so much fun and chemistry – they made each other better. I couldn’t be happier that these two both took home the crown. This dance is my go to YouTube video when I need a pick me up because it’s just SO GOOD.

Travis & Heidi – Bench dance

I couldn’t not include this classic. Choreographed by the legend herself – Mia Michaels – this dance has remained my favourite, and a fan favourite, since the early days of season two. It’s iconic and beautiful and not to mention danced by my all time favourite dancer- Travis Wall.

Allison & Alex – Hallelujah

I love Allison. I love Alex. Allison and Alex were a match made in heaven for me…not to mention it is choreographed by the one and only Sonya Tayeh.  This dance is just so beautiful and emotional – you can’t take your eyes off the screen the entire time. Not to mention the always amazing and haunting Jeff Buckley version of “Hallelujah”. Just perfect.

Eliana and Alex – Bang-bang

I wanted Eliana to win from the moment I saw her audition (and she did). And then she was teamed up with all-star Alex (can you tell he’s one of my favourites) for this creepy, but awesome dance  from Stacey Tookey. Honestly, just watch the dance and enjoy – I know I will again..and again..and again.

Ellenore and Jakob – Tore My Heart

Sonya Tayeh is such a versatile and different choreographer. This dance is just so creepy, and so Sonya that you know it is going to be great. Jakob was my favourite dancer and I’m still upset he didn’t end up being the winner. Ellenore and Jakob completely pull off the creepy, quirky vibe that this dance has and it is frikken awesome.

Lauren and Pasha – Fuego

I love this dance. Love it. Even though it was from season three I would still say it is one of my top hip hop dances. Pasha, a BALLROOM DANCER, kills it. So does Lauren. They’re perfect. The music is perfect. Everything is perfect. My only complaint is that it seems WAY too short. Give me more!

Lacey and Danny – Hip hip Chin chin

Can you say sex-ay? This number is so steamy, and just SO GOOD. Lacey and Danny had so much chemistry. This dance is just so fun and sexy and ugh. I just love it so much.

 Courtney and Mark – The Garden

Of course I must end with another dance from Sonya. If I’m not mistaken, this may have been one of the first, if not, the first dance she choreographed on the show. Let me tell you, after seeing this one I was hooked instantly; I knew everything she produced was going to be bad ass and wonderful – and she hasn’t let me down yet.

So that concludes some of my favourite routines. I would love to hear what some of yours are so let me know in the comments below!

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