10 Reasons Why Sebastian Stan Is A Fangirl’s Dream

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First we gave you our list of Top 5 Sebastian Stan roles, and this time we are leaning a bit more on the fangirl side.

Here at 4YE we are pro-fangirling as long as respect towards the artist is not forgotten. We believe a fangirl’s dream is not only about the looks, but a balance of intellect, along with inner and outer beauty. After much deliberation, and a long list Kayleigh and myself somehow managed to shorten a bit, our next piece dedicated to this Romanian actor is our list of reasons why Sebastian Stan is a fangirl’s dream:

1. The Talent

Ladies and Gents, this list would not be balanced if we did not start it off with the one reason that brought Sebastian to our attention; his acting skills. He is one of the few young actors today who is capable of potentially playing any character that he is given.

Let us take an example, shall we? Compare his role as Jefferson in Once Upon A Time to his role of Blaine in Hot Tub Time Machine; in OUAT he is the tortured soul stuck in the one universe that he doesn’t belong and is forced to watch from his home as his only daughter Grace is being raised by strangers, oblivious to who her father really his. Then in Hot Tub Time Machine, as we discussed in our previous piece, he is your stereotypical high school bully with the greatest jacket I have ever seen.

Also, Sebastian has always come across as an actor who wants to improve his skillset with every part he plays. For instance, during filming for Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier Sebastian spoke to movie legend Robert Redford about acting:

I used the opportunity as much as I could to kind of like ask him some questions and it was great. I mean, he was, you know not, that I expected anything less, but he was extremely generous as an actor, working opposite him, and he’s a, he’s a powerhouse.

Hopefully, in years to come, a young actor may well say the same thing about Sebastian.

Gif: the-way-im-feeling.tumblr.com

2. His Facial Features

Naturally, along with his acting ability, his face certainly is another reason why we love him so much! Starting with those beautiful blue eyes of his.

People say that “the eyes are the window to the soul”, which is something I believe and, to me, you can tell how good an actor is by this too.

Let’s take The Winter Soldier. For the most part of Captain America: The Winter Soldier all you see is his eyes, as his face is covered, but he is such a great actor that it doesn’t matter, as he uses his eyes to convey the emotions that are needed in the scene.

Also, can we just take a second to talk about his smile? I’ll admit that he seems to have about 2-3 different ways of smiling but you have to admit that the man looks good whichever smile or face he is pulling.

Gif: robertsdowneyjr.tumblr.com

3.   Dorkiness

Usually, Sebastian is calm and collected at any red carpet event, but there are times when even he has to let go and let his inner dork come out. Because, let’s face it, we all have an inner dork that scrambles to come out at the worst moments, am I right? Ok, maybe it’s just Sebastian and I alone in this.

But unlike myself, Sebastian decided to let his dork flag fly at a very important event; yes, he did it at the opening of Wall Street while they were promoting Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but still… that’s perfectly legit, right?

Well, it is if you are Sebastian Stan, I guess!

Photo: sebastianstan.net

BONUS: The ultimate Stan-moment that the fandom won’t ever forget: Captain Rum:


4. Accent

If when you hear Sebastian talk you’ve thought he has some kind of eastern-European accent, you are not mistaken. He was born in Romania and lived there for just over a decade before he moved to the US with his mom when he was 12.

“I came here from Romania when I was 12 years old. I had an accent. High school was tough a little bit for a few years. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be good-looking. I wanted to be popular. I spent a lot of time thinking, ‘What are these people going to think of me?'”

Don’t worry, your accent is one of the things we love the most!

Although he has stated he doesn’t feel he has it anymore, truth is that there’s still something European in the way he talks and we absolutely adore it.

Jump to the 4:50 mark on the following video for a bit of Sebastian speaking Romanian.

Warning: feels ahead.

Sebastian Stan Captain America Winter Soldier… por geekxgirl


5. Working with Kids

Alright, yes, so he is good-looking, he is an incredible actor and his accent makes us fangirls very happy, but there is one thing that makes Sebastian just as special as Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch and even Matt Smith: he is great with children.

I give you my best example of this: a video from four years ago when Sebastian Stan wasn’t the big name he is today and he gave some students an acting class.

In the video, he treats them with the respect that you imagine he would give to any other actor in the business and he tells them about his work and how he prepared for a particular role.

There is a lot of cuteness in this video, so be warned!


6. Hands

If, like me, you have a thing for hands, please make sure you are sitting down as I don’t want to be responsible for what could happen to you when you keep reading.

I don’t know why or how my attraction to hands happened, but what I do know is that Sebastian has really nice hands. Like, seriously.

Maybe it’s a European thing (um, have you paid attention to Tom Hiddleston’s hands?) or he was simply blessed with them, but truth is that I could watch him play the piano all day.

Oh, you didn’t know he plays piano? Well, we got a taste of that in Political Animals, and it was beautiful.

What better way to appreciate this feature of his than with some piano playing?

Gif: Shanetaylor.tumblr.com


7. Sassy Stan

/sass/. Informal.

  1. 1. Imprudence. Cheek.
    2. Attitude.

While this man can be the biggest dork, there’s also that little dash of sass that keeps us amused and we absolutely adore.

Sebastian has a smart response to everything… at least 90% of the time (remember the “Captain Rum” incident).

Refer to the video at number 4 for some Seb sass when he is asked if he has a “big arm”. We rest our case.

Sassy Stan is definitely one of our favourite SebStans!

Gif: viconthemoon.tumblr.com


8. Hair

Mmmhm, that’s right.

No fangirl can deny that hair is an important factor when it comes to choosing the subject of your fangirling. This is an element that can be inspiration to fanfiction writers or simply a dream of running your fingers through it… Or messing with it because really: his hair looks amazing.

Maybe it didn’t look that great during Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but we accept it anyway. Especially because he decided to keep it like that for a while after filming because it was a new experience.

Sebastian was blessed with messy, brown, wavy hair that, combined with our features on numbers 2 and 6, will be the death of me.

After reading this we cordially invite you to check out some of his roles mentioned in our previous piece so you can appreciate the Stan hair in all its wonder and in different phases (ps. We love us some Jefferson and TJ Hammond!)

Photo: tumblr

9. Abs

Yes, ladies and gents, Mr. Stan has got an impressive set of abs to complete the awesomeness of his body.

Because, let’s face it, it is pretty darn awesome.

Although, reason #10 hides his abs, we can safely assume that Sebastian has the whole package.

Photo: tumblr


10. Stan fashion

While many criticise his fashion choices, we believe it just adds to his charm.

Yes, he might not be a David Beckham who always looks impeccable even when “casual”, but that’s exactly why it’s part of the list.

Sebastian has a messy-rockstar-kind of fashion that makes him look relaxed and approachable. I don’t think any of us would think twice about saying ‘hi’ to him if we saw him on the street in his more casual look (that is, if we are not overcome by a wave of feels).

Jeans, a plain shirt (psssht, the white and the blue ones are our favourites), sneakers and possibly a leather jacket or sweatshirt are his most common choices that combined with his physical features mentioned before plus his other qualities, make him a total dream.

There’s something about not giving much thought to his more casual days that appeals to us on another level. Keep it that way, Seb. We love it.

Photo: tumblr

As you can probably tell, Adrienne and myself are huge fans of the human that is Sebastian Stan. Between his acting talents, his body and his amazing hair, it is clear to see that Sebastian is on his way to making a whole lot of fangirls and boys very happy indeed!

We hope that fellow lovers of the Stan enjoyed this list and we also hope that reading this will encourage people to check out this talented actor in his various roles, both past and future. Because, one thing is for sure: Sebastian is going to be on our screens for many years to come. And I’m not talking about his rumoured 9-picture deal with Marvel either!


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