What I Didn’t Wear Tuesday (Or Wednesday): Spring Cleaning The Wardrobe

Photo courtesy of Blogspot
Photo courtesy of Blogspot

So every now and again I like to do a purge of my closet. I only end up, however, throwing out one of two things. Inevitably, I always regret my decision. Yet I keep things that have had the tags on them for years. I also keep things few sizes too small but you have the hopes that one day I will fit into them. Oppositely, I do not fit into them because they are way too big.

This is where my friend and Stylist Catherine Gering comes in. She offered to come help me revamp my wardrobe. First and foremost, we had to clean my closet out and take inventory of what I was working with.

Even though she’s my friend; she didn’t let me weasel my way into keeping the shoes I wore to prom over nine years ago. Will I ever wear them again? No. Why was I keeping them? The memories. Even though the shoes are gone, I still have my memories. In the end, I guess it wasn’t so scary to get rid of them after all.

All of my clothing and accessories that were in decent shape I put in a pile to go to consignment. I’m a big fan of consigning what I can because then whatever I make I can put back into my wardrobe fund. What I had that wasn’t consignment worthy I donate.

At the end of the day, I was left with a a good amount of my wardrobe in tact. I know Cat was cringing as I refused to part with my flannel shirt collection, but sometimes you just need a good flannel shirt to kick back in.

Our next lesson will be mixing it up a bit instead of constantly pairing the same pieces.

What can I say? I’m a creature of habit!

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