‘Tube Talent: 4YE’S Top 10 Exciting YouTube Collabs

'Tube Tuesday: 4YE’S Top 10 Exciting YouTube Collab’s


YouTuber’s are charming, lovably awkward, and if their videos are any indication, know how to have a fun time. The YouTube community is extremely close knit, which makes it that much more fun to watch them interact on social media and support one another by giving shout out’s.

One of the many awesome things that come out of these close relationships between Y ouTuber’s is collaborative videos. Some collab’s are classic like Joe Sugg’s endless but hilarious innuendo bingo challenges, Tyler and Sawyer’s drunk escapes, and the many different challenges YouTuber’s come together to attempt.

It is not a stretch to say that these collaborations are what makes the YouTube community feel like a family. There are not many things we love as much as seeing two of our favourite YouTuber’s come together for a common cause – specifically tag challenges.

Check out our top 10 favourite YouTuber collaborations below: 

1) Getting Ripped With Troye Sivan – Marcus Butler & Troye Sivan

We are not sure exactly how much fat this dynamic duo burned from running around a park, frolicking and generally posing in neon colours, but it made for a laugh out loud video. Note: NOT A HOME WORKOUT VIDEO. Unless you want it to be…

2) Edward Fortyhands- Tyler Oakley & Mamrie Hart

There is no other way to describe this video than fun and full of laughs (and booze). When you watch Tyler and Mamrie down two forties you will wish you were right along with them for the ride…like Grace Helbig and Troye Sivan who make guest appearances to assist the handless duo.

3) My Drunk Kitchen: Pizza John – Hannah Hart & John Green

From one Hart to the other, this hilarious video has Hannah Hart and John Green drunk cookin’ in the kitchen (hence the series name). And what is better that pizza when intoxicated? Nothing. If you enjoy a good (bad) pun you are going to love this – you even get to see little Henry smash a dinosaur with a hammer and say his first pun!

4) Getting To Know My Roommate – Caspar Lee & Joe Sugg

Have you ever taken a moment to think about what it would be like living with Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg? Imagine the YouTube Parties. Imagine the impromptu videos. Imagine Caspar being kept up at night because he’s not verified. If you want to get a glimpse of roommate life at it’s finest, click this video.

5) Twin Twinks Learn Slang – Tyler Oakley & the Harries twins

Words cannot express the feelings that one feels when Tyler Oakley joins forces with these adorable British Twins. This video is for those who are maybe just a bit behind in their gay-slang. It’s also for those who just enjoy hearing Tyler laugh….so everyone. Really. Have you heard his laugh?

6) Accent Challenge – Joey Graceffa & Tanya Burr

Who doesn’t love a good accent challenge? Even if you don’t it is hard to look away from the two smiliest members of the YouTube community. Try and stop the smile from leaving  your face as you watch these two attempt accents from all around the world (quite adorably in all honesty).

7) Guess The Youtuber – Alfie Days, Zoe Sugg, Joe Sugg

This collab between Alfie and the Sugg siblings is sibling competition at it’s finest. The one thing we do know, is that Zoella and Joe don’t know their fellow YouTuber friends as well as they think. Alfie may have expected for his made-up “Guess The Youtuber” game to bring out the best in the siblings, but it just brought out some really strange noises from Zoe and Joe. Oh, and lots of laughter, but that’s a given

8) My Drunk Pumpkin – Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart & Grace Helbig

What would a collab list be without adding YouTube’s Holy Trinity? These three besties really know how to have a good time, and watching any video with the three of them instantly makes you want to join in on the fun, or carve your own pumpkin with friends whilst sipping on an alcoholic beverage of your choice.

9) YTDAD: Hank Green’s Mangria – Mamrie Hart and Hank Green

Did you really think we could have one Green brother on here and not the other? Honestly, this video is so funny it would make the most sense to stop reading and to start watching. AND GO.

10) Photo Booth Challenge With Sawyer Hartman – Zoe Sugg & Sawyer Hartman

In their first ever collab video, Zoe and Sawyer try their hands at a bunch of different photo effects. The best parts of this video isn’t even the funny effects however, but the pairs hilarious reactions to seeing their faces contorted – especially Sawyer’s. But still, obviously, Zoe even as a fish look’s beautiful. How is that even fair?


Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues