Trick or Treat, Or How About Both? Trick Your Boss Into Thinking You’re Working

Photo: Corporate Avoidance

Summer is approaching fast, and with warm sunny days around the corner, we really can’t be blamed for wanting to take a break from the office and head out to get a good dose of Vitamin D.

And you just might be able to with a legitimate excuse too. Gizmodo gave us a quick glimpse of Corporate Avoidance; a program that loads screenshots and GIFs on your computer screen to make it seem like your computer is busy rendering or exporting files.

This particular program is meant for media professionals, especially for those who do a lot of image and video editing, since this program compliments the likes of Final Cut Pro, ProTools, MPEG Streamclip, Adobe After Effects, Audition, Encore, Adobe Premiere Pro, Wavelab, and Maya.

Photo: Corporate Avoidance

However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for those that aren’t in the media industry. If you’re lucky, you might just find some GIFS and images that cater to your needs too. You can always give Google a shot.

And last, but not least, there’s no 100% guarantee that you can get away with fooling your boss with Corporate Avoidance, so download and use it at your own risk!