Stars of “The Fault in our Stars” Talk Of Their Playful On Screen Relationship

Photo: Peggy Sirota
Photo: Peggy Sirota

The hype for The Fault in our Stars movie continues to build, with the release of a new clip, as well as footage of Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort discussing their onscreen relationship.

In the movie clip, released to Digital Spy and introduced by Shailene, who plays central character Hazel, we see her meeting Gus for the first time outside a teenage cancer support unit. In the sweet and endearing snippet, Gus tells her outright that she’s beautiful, making her blush and laugh in disbelief before he goes on to ask her out to a movie. She is somewhat reticent but agrees, starting to say something about being free later in the week, but he cuts her off with “No, I mean now.”

As Woodley says in her introduction, it’s that “girl thinks boy is cute but kinda wonders if he’s an axe murderer moment” that every woman can relate to. It’s cute though, and I find Ansel Elgort to have a real presence on screen. He’s easy on the eye, too. Watch the clip below.

The couple have also been busy promoting the film with an adorable cover shoot for Entertainment Weekly. I’m told they’re not a couple in real life, but the pair seem to share remarkable chemistry both on screen and off. We all know pairings like that, and it certainly makes for great viewing. Talking to EW about Hazel and Gus’ meeting, when he  puts an unlit cigarette between his teeth and tells Hazel it’s a metaphor, Shailene says it’s a poignant moment for the pair, and very sweet, adding that “it’s the first time we see them make eye contact, in a meaningful way.”

Elgort agrees, emphasising how the scene “sets the tone for their playful, fun relationship,” calling it “combative yet sweet.”

The Fault in our Stars, one of the most highly anticipated films of the summer, is released June 6 in the US and June 19 in the UK.