Shirley MacLaine Led Comedy Snags Jessica Lange and Sarah Jessica Parker

Courtesy of Variety
Courtesy of Variety

It looks like two of our favourite dynamic leading ladies will be joining forces for the upcoming comedy Wild Oats. According to Variety Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Lange will be joining icons Shirley MacLaine and Alan Arkin in the road trip themed comedy.

The film follows the story of a widow (MacLaine) who accidentally is handed a life insurance cheque worth $5 million – a large departure from the $50,000 expected. Lange will play the widows best friend who encourages MacLaine’s character to quickly deposit the cheque so she can take to the Canary Islands for a life of relaxation.

Wild Oats is written Claudia Myers and Gary Kanew will be directed by Andy Tennant.  Reports suggest that the comedy has been in the works for quite a few years, and that actress Jackie Weaver was seriously considered for  MacLaine’s role.

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