Pitch It Tuesday: Long Live the Programs


Photo: Disney
Photo: Disney

Hello, readers and welcome to another Pitch It column. Things have changed a little bit since my last column. I am unfortunately and suddenly ridiculously busy on Mondays. So, instead of Pitch Monday, it is now Pitch It Tuesday. Sorry for the confusion.

Anyway, on with my Pitch for the week.

Last week, I mentioned that Tron was going to be the subject of today’s rambles and I am so happy that it is too. I love Tron. Both the character and the movies are pretty spectacular and don’t even get me started on the short lived Disney XD animated series Tron: Uprising. I could be here for days and days and more days. It’s that good. Readers, you should totally check it out. Heck, check them all out, you won’t be disappointed.

My love of the movie aside, I would absolutely adore a film that would span between the events of Uprising and Tron: Legacy–Legacy was the newer live action film staring Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde. For those a little rusty on their Tron lore, Uprising follows a damaged system monitor named Tron who trains a young program Beck to be the next system monitor. Tron fights for the Users (who are basically any human who operates a computer) which makes it mighty difficult for him to stay safe in a post-CLU world. CLU, a program designed by user Kevin Flynn, believes in creating the perfect system and in turn taking over the world. It’s a pretty complex world but I’ve decided to focus on one tiny part of the time line.

In Legacy, that damaged system monitor, Tron, has been re-purposed into CLU’s purring, lithe, fighter and body guard Rinzler. In the Uprising series finale, Tron had yet to be transformed. He was still the same program who fought for the Users. So, what changed? How did it change? Whatever happened to Beck, the program he was training? There are so many unanswered questions I wish they would address in film.

Tron is a very complex character. Despite being a computer program, he is well versed in right and wrong as well as knowing what to do in dangerous situations. He is very protective over programs and users alike. However, after the events detailed in both Uprising and Legacy, he has changed. He is ruthless and bitter and very distrustful. He has no qualms about going for the jugular and getting revenge. My idea would follow Tron after the derezzolution of Beck. Beck, while young and naive, is really the rock that keeps Tron from going on a homicidal derezzing spree. So, what happens when that rock is destroyed and CLU, the program who betrayed him, comes to wreak havoc on the city he has called home?

To be perfectly honest, it would drive me insane too.

But, would Tron be a willing participant in repurposing? That’s the ultimate question. My idea would take him through that journey as well as introduce the viewers to his more programed side as well as introducing some of the characters from Legacy and seeing how they got started down their respective paths. If you’re a fan of any of the Tron movies, it may be a trip well worth taking. The challenge is getting people interested in the movies who have never seen any of them. The special effects would be flashy and updated, but, it would feature old stalwarts of the franchise including Wilde, Jeff Bridges, and Bruce Boxleitner.

What do you think, 4YEers? Would a Tron movie focusing on just the programs and not the users work for the franchise and Disney? Or should they go forward instead of backwards? Sound off below and join me next Tuesday as I talk about why Robert Kirkman needs to bring The Walking Dead and the Governor to the big screen.

Shelby Arnold
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