Pitch It Tuesday: ‘Ello Governor

Photo: AMC
Photo: AMC

Hello, hello, 4YEers! Welcome to another Pitch. Yes, it’s that time again and I’m about to throw some awesomeness your way. Like, seriously.

It’s no surprise that The Walking Dead is a huge hit, right? Averaging around 13.3 million viewers per season, it’s easily become a cult smash and it has launched many a career. A few of the cast are imports from Britain and they have totally captured me with their ability to blend in and charm the pants off of me. (Here’s looking at you, Andy Lincoln. I love me some Rick Grimes.) Ahem, sorry, moving on. While I can gush about how awesome Lincoln is all day and all night long (and how Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie is beyond gorgeous), there is one import who has totally and completely taken me by surprise. His name is David Morrissey.

Right from the beginning, I was completely enamored by his effortless charm as season 3 big bad, Philip Blake, aka the Governor. Man, I was in love with him. Still am despite the events of the mid season finale last season. (All together now: HERSHEL!!!!!! cue crying and dramatic screaming.) Despite all of his flaws and his horrible penchant for violence and manipulation and murder, Philip Blake is an extremely interesting character. Now, I am completely basing this pitch on TWD as a TV show and a novel but not a comic because I have not read the comics. But, I am aware the character of the Governor is different in the comics then in the show.

The novel series, entitled Rise of the Governor, Road to Woodbury, and The Fall of Governor, explores the back story to our favorite villain as well as his arc and his fall. It explains Penny and his ruthless nature and by golly, I would love to see it all played out on the big screen. Of course, some changes would have to be made in order for the film to fit into the lore of the TV show or, they could adapt it true to the novels and leave out the TV time line.

Either way, it needs to be done with David Morrissey. End of story. He is so nuanced I could go on for pages about him and his all around evil-ness.

But, again, I digress.

Robert Kirkman’s novels explore connections that aren’t shown in the show. While the show is mainly focused on the prison group and their survival, the novels watch Woodbury grow from the ground up. Following the death of the previous de facto leader, Philip takes the reins and befriends Martinez and the rest is what they call history. Now, in the show, there were very, very heavy shades of Rise of the Governor when we found Philip broken and seeking refuge with the Chalmers family. From there, it gets a little complicated.

The TV show mucked about with the timeline of the novel, unfortunately, so some things, like the family the Blake clan stays with in Rise, would have to change. Rise also brings about the presence of another family member. Brian Blake is actually Philip Blake’s younger brother and, in the comics and the novels, Brian is who becomes the Governor. It’s really complicated, like I said. But, it should be done and if it is done, it’d have to be done right. I’m talking the production team at AMC as well as Kirkman, co-writer for the novels Jay Bonasinga, and special effect artist Greg Nicotero. I’m pretty sure, if it was done right, it’d be a hit.

What do you think, dear readers? Is it worth the gamble or should the Governor stay dead? Sound off below!

Shelby Arnold
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