New OITNB Posters Have The Inmates Showing Us How To Get Season 2 Ready

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The one bright spark at the moment with all our favourite shows coming to an end as the summer hiatus starts, is the fast approaching return on Netflix of its prison drama, Orange Is The New Black. A relative late-comer to the series, I binge-watched season 1 back in October last year. Even though I haven’t had as long to wait as some die-hard fans who were smart enough to catch on to the phenomena when it first became available last year, I’m eagerly awaiting revisiting Piper, Crazy Eyes, Red, Pennsatucky, Nicky and company.

Though the girls are in the clink, that doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten to be ladies and just in case that has slipped our minds, the latest posters for season 2 shows just what can be achieved behind bars. Featuring your favourite inmates in their own individual character poster, each poster illustrates just how the girls get “jailhouse gorgeous”. Check out the girls below. My personal favourites are Lorna and Nicky.

Orange Is The New Black season 2 will be available on Netflix from June 6. Season 1 is still available to stream… perfect opportunity to catch up or revisit in preparation of the second season.

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