New Glee Season Finale Stills Focus On Blaine Anderson

Photo: FOX
Photo: FOX

This Tuesday sees the end of Glee’s fifth season with “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project”. It’s hard to believe we’ve had 20 episodes as it seems we started off with The Beatles tribute episodes just yesterday. However, what an eventful 20 episodes they’ve been. We’ve had an engagement, a birth, a death, graduations, said goodbye to McKinley and Lima and made the permanent move to New York City. Not to mention we’ve had Broadway debuts, off-Broadway debuts, record contracts, model contracts, yeast infection commercials and marked the 100th episode milestone. All of that culminates in the season finale, for which show runner Ryan Murphy has promised that “everything sort of builds to a head,” though he has reassured fans that “explosion is too harsh of a word.”

As we wait anxiously for Tuesday night, we’ve been given a number of new stills from the episode. These are in addition to the ones we reported on earlier. Earlier today, Darren Criss News posted the latest images from the episode featuring our favourite bow tie wearing New Yorker. Since a significant plotline for the story revolves around Blaine and Kurt’s relationship, it’s not surprising that a number of the images feature the young lovers, though things look far from perfect in a lot of the stills.

Also included is a number from Blaine’s performance at his Showcase with his rich benefactor, June Dolloway (Shirley MacLaine) along with a group shot from the “Pompeii” group number. And do two of the pics hint that Kurt might get a chance to also perform in the Showcase?

One thing that excites me is the image of Blaine at the piano while Kurt stands on watching him. Could this mean we get Blaine playing piano while singing “All of You” to Kurt? Here’s hoping!

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Glee’s season 5 finale “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project” airs this Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox.

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