It’s Everyone’s ‘Execution’ in the ‘Revenge’ Finale

Courtesy of EntertainmentOutllook
Courtesy of EntertainmentOutllook

It’s safe to say that this seasons finale of Revenge takes the cake as the most emotional, tumultuous and riveting episode of the series. It’s quite difficult to wrap up all the feelings, but we can try.

The episode starts off with a lot of Aiden and Emily feelings as the two talk about the future together and Emily’s success getting Conrad behind bars. As we know, happiness and celebration can only last so long on this show so it comes as little surprise when tones change.

Pascal’s body is being flown to france, and we learn two things: Victoria considers Margaux family, and even when Margaux’ reeling from learning the truth about her father, she looks perfect. That hair.

In more important news, Conrad is on trial and has been denied bail. It’s hard not to be shocked that can’t it took us this long to see Conrad in cufs. This whole episode seems to be three years in the making. Finally, Emily’s revenging has given her what she’s wanted most – her fathers trial is being re-open. Everything is falling into place.

Emily’s three boys reacting to her almost success warms our heart, but the mention of the David Clark impostor quickly morphs our enthusiasm into anxiety. To add to our anxiety, Carl’s DNA sample collected by Victoria Grayson reveals that Amanda Clarke was in fact not the  real Amanda Clarke, and that Emily Thorne is the real doting daughter of David Clarke.

After a few episodes where Nolan was playing aide to Emily, a heavy plot line for the tech genius is set up this finale as Javier returns to discuss the future (or lack there of) of my-clone. The now ex-convict comes to Nolan with his tail between his legs but Nolan plans on getting My-Clone back using Margaux’s angry brother as leverage. Unfortunately a scheme to damage Daniel, Margaux’s new second in command, makes it clear that brother dearest does not play by the same rules as Nolan.

Elsewhere in the Hamptons, Victoria scheme  her way into getting an unexpectant Aiden alone in a room where she proceeds to casually drug him and smother him. So many feelings seeing Aiden dead but there’s almost a feeling that it could be worse…Jack or Nolan could have died. However any unsure feelings are settled when Victoria does the unthinkable and places a dead Aiden on Emily’s couch for her to come home and find. Yeah. We are officially really sad.

The youngest Grayson is also doing some revenging of her own. After a conversation with Jack he touches her shoulder, which causes Charlotte to have flashbacks of her kidnapping. Yep, Charlotte thinks Jack kidnapped her, and now he is being taken in for questioning.

The episode takes a turn for the crazier when Emily and Victoria duke it out at Amanda’s grave leading up to the Queen Grayson getting knocked out by a shovel. We obviously know that Emily would not let her get off that easy, so it comes as little surprise when Victoria wakes up. What is a shock is that Victoria wakes up in a mental institution because, well, Emily out of the goodness of her heart had to get her help because Victoria is just so obsessed with the Clarke family and her sense of reality is diluted.

Karma, like Victoria, is quite the bitch sometimes.

Speaking of bitches, Conrad finds a couple of guards to buy out. Of course, he has landed himself a get out of jail free card. In what might be the Conrad scene in a while, save for his admission to Charlotte, he sings a snappy tune clad as a Church leader. We may  have been able to live with Conrad behind bars or even with his escape, but no one was prepared for a second major death.. David Clarke appears from the dead and stabs Conrad, leaving him to die. Okay maybe the murderer was a tad more shocking.

Not enough time has passed to let it sink in that Conrad is dead because he was an amazing character with many dimensions. More importantly, it’s going to be hard to wait until next season to figure out this whole David Clarke being alive thing.

Next season we can look forward to:

  • Where has David Clarke been and why was he hiding? Did he commit a crime after all?
  • Will Jack be charged for kidnapping?
  • How will Nolan and Margaux’s brother use their dirt on Daniel, and where exactly does  cross the line when getting even?
  • Nolan scheming and building another company
  • Is Conrad really dead…we hope not.


Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues