Hollaback Bae: The Voice Top 8, Gwen Stefani, and Pharrell Get Everyone Jumpin’

Photo courtesy of NBC The Voice Tumblr
Photo courtesy of NBC The Voice Tumblr

Hello Voice fans!

We have now reached the single digits. It’s time for the Top 8 to perform! With Team Usher and Team Shakira down to one person each. It looks like this week may be time to trim a bit of Team Adam and Team Blake. Why? Josh and Kristen are the strongest singers left on their respective teams and have been doing well with voting.

So yeah, Team Adam and Team Blake it shall be.

Also we get to see new coaches: Pharrell and Gwen Stefani perform. So that should be fun!

Now on with the show!

OH GOD ADAM WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO YOUR HEAD?! Don’t ruin your hair because you were bored!

“River Deep Mountain High” sung by Sisaundra Lewis: Yikes! It’s the death slot. Her mom has never ever seen her perform. Now she is seeing her perform for the first time. Blake has a former team member: Gwen Sebastian joining them. I’m unsure about how this going to go. I only ever really liked Sisaundra singing 80’s rock like she did last week. When she does R&B…she feels the need to do those weird vocal tricks. I have no clue what Sisaundra’s mother is thinking. It was really good vocally. I loved the production of it. Usher says that he loved learning about her and that the production was tasteful. He calls her a “diva”. Shakira says that she is always flawless technically speaking and calls her a professional singer. Adam calls her a potent performer and as good as Tina Turner. Blake said that she was flawless as always. Sisaundra’s mom does look happy with her and kind of embarrassed.

“I Can’t Make You Love Me” sung by Josh Kaufman: Usher decides to change the scenery will help Josh out. Usher wants Josh to show his vulnerability here and to make a connection. I’m worried. I like Josh and I don’t want him (or Team Usher) out of the game. Actually. This is really nice. While Sisaundra’s performance was a bit more flash. This has a more raw and intimate quality. I feel like it really showcased Josh’s voice to the best ability. Shakira calls Josh an artist with “good taste” and she found everything about his performance intuitive. She thinks his performance was an accomplishment. Adam says that he enjoys seeing Josh’s success and is purely happy to see how far he has come. Blake said that it was a perfect performance and had magic all over it. He said it will be on iTunes. Usher wants this for his last team member and calls it one of his greatest performances.

“My Eyes” sung by Blake Shelton and Gwen Sebastian: Well this explains why she was on the show this week then. I like this song. It’s kind of laid back and mellow. I feel like I should have a beer open while I listen to this. And I don’t drink beer. This was nice. Gwen sounds pretty decent. I feel bad for not really remembering her.

“Get Lucky” sung by Kat Perkins: Okay. This is not Kat’s genre. This also reeks of desperate by going with a popular song. Adam has brought in Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine. They are determined to break the curse of the Save. Kat needs to focus on letting this build correctly. Adam tells her not to scream or yell her lyrics. Kat says the problem is holding back. I hear some pitch issues. I also feel like this reworking doesn’t really fit the song. It still sounds like she’s yelling her lyrics. I don’t think this was the best idea in the world. Actually it wasn’t. I feel like I can’t look directly at the screen. Dear God…no. I’m so glad that they stopped. Usher says that he wishes he could headbang to that cover and calls it incredible. Shakira said that she liked how much fun Kat had and likes that how much Kat stays true to herself. Adam said that she did a heavy metal rendition of Daft Punk in the coolest ways and calls it unique.

“I Drive Your Truck” sung by Kristen Merlin: Shakira says she is laser focused on Kristen. Kristen wants to tug at our heartstrings this week. Shakira wants her to be delicate in the beginning and a bit stronger in the end. She needs to show her dynamics of her voice and the ability to her sing her face off. Kristen sounds great as always. She does these great emotional performances were she connects with her song. It helps to smooth over any rough spots, which are rare. She just sings very well and it tugs at my heartstrings. She just sounds so lovely. Blake said that she did a great job with the song and that she made a believer at him. She just keeps getting better in his eyes. Usher said that when it is good it is good and feels like it was a great song. Shakira is visibly moved and called it beautiful. She said that Kristen gave it her all.

“Come Get It Bae” sung by Pharrell: PHARRELL!!! Of course he would wear a shirt with Mickey on it and the hat. It sounds awesome. I am legitimately excited about him coming on next season. And he certainly does know how to perform. Lucky girl with the extended hand holding with him. Man knows how to work a room and give his love to the ladies. It looks like an awesomely choreographed party on the stage. God this was awesome!

“I Believe I Can Fly” sung by Delvin Choice: Oh God. The Space Jam song? Delvin starts to cry because he is overwhelmed with emotion. After he calms down, Adam says that he needs to stay in the groove. James Valentine thinks that Delvin needs to keep that emotion though. I shouldn’t be giggling. I should not be giggling. OhmyGod this is the corniest performance ever. I’m sorry. This is supposed to be serious business but ohmyGod I keep laughing. This is so freaking corny in the worst way. Delvin has a great voice but I feel like I keep seeing the same things from him week after week. Plus I can’t take this performance seriously. I seriously can’t. Blake says that it was a great performance. Usher says that you’ve never seen a man fly until you see a man cry. Adam says that this was the perfect song for him to sing at this moment and that there wasn’t any song that he could have done.

“Forgive” sung by Audra McLaughlin: Blake says that she is making the biggest strides in terms of growth. Gwen says that Audra gives her shivers. Blake says that Audra has a special talent. The vocals are okay. I honestly thought that, much like Delvin, Audra has stagnated. I feel like I hear the same thing from her. It sounds alright but kind of generic. The glory note at the end does not help much. Shakira likes Audra’s effortless performances and thinks she is vocally unstoppable. Blake agrees with Audra and thinks that it is a great country song in general. He felt wrapped up in the performance and feels like it will be a good night for her.

“Hollaback Girl” sung by Gwen Stefani: And know I will have a dancing party. God I love her. This song is my favorite kick ass! I love Shakira rocking out. I am totally singing along with no shame. Hell yeah Gwen! I can’t wait for you to come on! OHMYGOD AND PHARRELL COMES OUT TO SING WITH HER!!!! OH HELL YEAH! NEXT SEASON IS GOING TO KICK SO MUCH ASS!!!!

I am so excited for Gwen and Pharrell!

Also go Voice band member Nate who made the cover of Modern Drummer!

“Hillbilly Deluxe” sung by Jake Worthington: Jake is struggling with some allergies. Gwen is going to help Jake with his attitude. She tells him to get into the moment sing the crap out of it. Jake is going to show his redneck side. Blake thinks that this is one of the best things that Jake has done on the show. I love Jake. He is so sweet and fun. This is really fun. I’m having a good time watching him perform. Is Jake the best singer? No. But he’s fun to watch perform and doesn’t feel like I’m seeing the same thing from him. He’s just having the time of his life. Aw! Is that his brother? That’s so sweet. Shakira said that she air drummed and liked it a lot. She liked his aggressive and frontal performance. Adam said that Jake is cooler than Blake and feels like he is learning more about real deal country. Blake said that Jake has shown Jake the Artist and not just Jake the Dude.

“How To Love” sung by Christina Grimmie: So they decide to one-up the last one with something similar? I feel like that’s a bad move. Adam stop making your singers do the same things or do something weird. I’m not a big Christina fan. So…I’m probably not going to like this. I can’t hear her or see her. Oh there she is! I still hear the pitch issues! Is it just me? Is her frequency not good for my hearing? I just don’t like her voice. What do people see in her? I want to know America! I just don’t get it! I just feel like she’s fake. I’m sorry to say that. I hate judging people I’ve never met. I feel like that. Also she sounds so freaking pitchy! Blake says that she sounded like a superstar up there tonight. Usher is unsure if she wants to be a hip-hop artist and wants to be an R&B artist. He felt like it was a great performance. Shakira tries to guess her range. Adam praises her and says that she is a special talent. Is it just me? I don’t hear this amazing talent they keep talking about!

I think Kat Perkins, Audra McLaughlin, Delvin Choice may be in danger.

Who will make it to the Semifinals? Find out tomorrow!

Bec Heim