Happy Birthday Glee! Why You’ll Always Have My Heart…

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It seems hard to believe that five years ago today, the pilot episode of a quirky high school musical comedy aired for the first time. That show was of course, Glee, and wow, what a ride it has been.

We’ve had laughs, we’ve had tears, we’ve had tantrums and we’ve frequently questioned the writer’s decisions, thrown protests over certain characters actions and in the end we’ve put it all down to Glee logic.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Glee has become, for me a staple, a way of life. Glee has taught me that it is perfectly acceptable to sing and dance in the middle of the street, but also that it’s okay to be the underdog, to try the hardest you possibly can to reach for those all elusive stars. Glee has given me countless hours of viewing pleasure as well as a few hours of severe displeasure. It’s become the soundtrack to my family’s life together- our latest favourites being Pompeii, All of You as well as those we heard in the first two episodes of this season, All You Need is Love and Here Comes the Sun. (Bring back Dani!)

I think it’s fair to say that the first three seasons of Glee have been its strongest- particularly season two in my opinion, which is where we met the awesome deity which is Blaine Anderson, and we fell in love with the pairing that has now become known and loved as Klaine. Season five has had its moments though, and has been a particularly good one for Klainers- a peace offering maybe for the car crash that was season four.

Sue Sylvester
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Sue Sylvester has given me too many laughs to count. Her hysterical performance with Olivia Newton John, her spats with Will Schuester (Don’t touch me!) and her “That’s how Sue C’s it” segments on local news. Rachel has made me laugh, cry and cringe in equal measure, and I am possibly one of only a handful of viewers who really liked her character in season five. That doesn’t mean I agreed with all her behaviour, but I liked how she progressed after Finn’s passing and became focused on reaching the top of every conceivable artistic platform once more.

Cory Monteith
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Santana has also grown on me. From being an all out bully in seasons one and two, she progressed into a much more likeable and altogether human character, and yet still kept her snark and sass which defines her. We’ve bid goodbye to a lot of McKinley alum now, and of course, one was not through choice at all. I often imagine what the show would be like now if Cory were still with us. Very different, I would think- given what Ryan Murphy revealed of his Finchel plans after Monteith’s passing. Whether you loved or loathed Finn, or were just totally indifferent, Cory’s absence has left a huge hole in the heart of the show. As heartbreaking as it was though, to see an entire fandom united in grief and helping one another through it all was really quite something. I wonder what he would think of us now?

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For me, Glee was always initially about Kurt Hummel, and ultimately, Klaine. It’s not unfair to say that I would have stopped watching if it weren’t for them. That’s not to say I don’t love the show as an entity, but I fell in love with this pairing so much that had they ever kept them apart, I couldn’t have gone on. Season five’s disastrous and unspeakable Christmas episode was proof of how much the Klaine fandom disapproves of ever seeing either of them with someone else.

Despite the (undeservedly) poor ratings and the likelihood of a shortened sixth and final season, I still find myself eagerly anticipating Glee’s return in the New Year (shakes fist at Fox in anger). I loved how season five was left, with Sam back in Ohio, Mercedes poised to take the US by storm on tour, Rachel heading to LA and Kurt and Blaine cosying up in their New York loft reading wedding magazines together. Okay, so that was the bit I loved best of all.

Happy Birthday Glee. You may not be quite what you were, but I am still proud to call myself a Gleek. Proud to have been with you from the beginning, and I will most assuredly be here to the bitter end and beyond.

Glee, most of all you have led me to form amazing, wonderful and truly life changing friendships and if nothing else, I will be eternally indebted to the show that led me to such a fantastic group of people. Though I know that ultimately in a year we must bid you goodbye, I know will always have the friends I made along the way.