Glee Pushed To Mid-Season In Fox’s Fall Schedule

Photo: FOX
Photo: FOX


Fox has just announced its fall line up…. and Glee isn’t there!

It will be returning for its sixth and final season, we are assured, but not until mid-season on the new scheduling.

So what does this mean for our beloved show? Fewer episodes? Maybe. Or it could mean the promised run of 22 episodes with no hiatus.

Either way, I want to cry. Months and months now stretch ahead of us until it returns…what are we supposed to do until then? Watch Original Song and Love, Love, Love on a loop, I suppose. My main concern is how many viewers the show will lose in a seven month hiatus. Will many stick around, particularly if the finale isn’t satisfactory for certain fandoms?

Earlier this year, Ryan Murphy teased a very different final season, giving scant details but saying there will be a time jump. Speculation is rife ahead of tomorrow night’s finale. Will Rachel move to LA? Will Blaine follow June’s advice and leave Kurt behind? (If he does, he’ll have me to deal with) and where will Mercedes career take her? Will Santana ever return and will Artie make it as a big shot director? (Yes please!)

Fox upfronts are happening in New York right now, with Glee scheduled for later today. Stay tuned for news as we get it.



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  1. I hope there are not fewer eps and I’m not sure how I’ll survive this long wait for more glee either. And as for Blaine leaving Kurt, that would be terrible but based on the previews seems likely. Klaine better be endgame and they better be back together by the third ep (or else what I do t know but still). I a excited about a time jump, it would be cool to seem them as twenty something’s

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