Chris Hemsworth Rumoured For Lethal Weapon Reboot

Credit: Brian To/ WENN


It seems as if remakes and reboots are all the rage in Hollywood at the moment, and now we hear Lethal Weapon is set to return to the big screen, with none other than Thor’s Chris Hemsworth down for a starring role.

Original producer Joel Silver will be overseeing the project, which is currently titled Lionhunter and will apparently be a cross between a remake and a sequel to Lethal Weapon 4.

The storyline is said to revolve around the son of an older cop (Mel Gibson’s character Riggs, presumably) and his wish to join the police force.

No word on whether original stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover will return, and my guess would be that if they do, Mel’s hair won’t be quite as spectacularly bouffant as it was, but even so, if handled correctly this movie has the potential to do well at the box office as the original series earned more than $950 million worldwide. Chris Hemsworth is extremely popular right now, and his huge fan base could well prove useful in pulling in an audience to the film along with all those who remember the movies from the first time around.

Fast and Furious director Justin Lin- already well versed in big action blockbusters- is attached to the film, with Gangster Squad’s Will Beall  said to be working on the script.