Chris Colfer To Take His Wit To The Drawing Room As He Takes On Noël Coward

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Back in the Glee season 3 episode “The First Time” we discovered that Kurt Hummel’s bucket list contained “Number 63: Lay a rose on the birthplace of Noël Coward.” Now it appears that the man behind our favourite fashionista, Mr Chris Colfer, is going to one-up his alter ego and actually star as the man himself in a new biopic about the UK playwright.

Earlier this week when promoting the Glee season 5 finale in an interview with TV Fanatic, speaking of his upcoming projects over the summer hiatus, Colfer revealed, “I’ve got another couple of movie projects coming up. I think one is going to be announced next week.” It seems that Colfer was a little off the mark as this morning Screen Daily announced Colfer was “attached to lead the cast” in the Coward movie, currently titled Noël.

The film will cover the early life and influences of the playwright, actor and producer who was well known for his flamboyance, his sharp wit and sense of style. Sounds awfully perfect for Colfer, who posted the following picture on Instagram shortly after the announcement, captioned simply, “Noël”.

The film, written by Mrs Henderson Presents’ Martin Sherman, also has British movie royalty’s interest with Sir Ian McKellen, Vanessa Redgrave and Jonathan Pryce all in talks for the production. Joe Stephenson (Chicken) is slated to direct.

Noël Coward was born at the end of the 19th century in southwest London. He made his stage debut at eleven and quickly moved into high society, which provided fodder for his later works exemplified in his classics Private Lives, Blithe Spirit (which has recently had a revival run in London with Dame Angela Lansbury), Easy Virtue and Relative Values. A number of his plays have been adapted for the screen, often by Coward himself. His 1942 film, In Which We Serve, which he not only wrote but also starred in, produced and directed (sound like a certain Glee star?) was nominated for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay at the 1943 Academy Awards. Though it lost out to Casablanca and Princess O’Rourke respectively, Coward received an Honorary Award for “his outstanding production achievement”.

With his love for all things British, his quick, sharp wit and his ability to play larger than life characters, Colfer is an inspired choice for the project. However, I can imagine some outcry in the UK over an American yet again being cast as one of their national treasures. Whether Colfer can pull off the accent or not is yet to be seen, though with this potential cast and a film about one of my favourite 20th century playwrights, I am looking forward to hearing more about this project.

Filming on Noël is expected to start late this summer in the UK.


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