Chris Colfer Talks Old People, Fear and Flesh Wounds Ahead Of His Glee Episode “Old Dog, New Tricks”

Photo: Chris Colfer / Instagram
Photo: Chris Colfer / Instagram


If there’s one thing we can be certain of, it’s that during this week’s episode of Glee, Kurt and Blaine won’t break up and no one will die. Aside from that, everything else is fair game according to Chris Colfer, star and now writer of the show.

Today’s episode “Old Dog, New Tricks” was written by Colfer and he says that he was given all the freedom he wanted in regards to the storyline he wanted to present, with the exception of the aforementioned relationship breakdown, or murder. “They only gave me two guidelines when they gave me the job: I couldn’t break up with Blaine and I couldn’t kill anyone.

“I went into it really terrified, not knowing what to expect. Not knowing if I would have guidelines and what they would be or if I would get to tell a story that I wanted to tell,” he revealed to TV Guide. “I think I was very, very spoiled when it comes to this because they were really so open-minded and they really let me tell a story that I wanted,” he added.

So what exactly can we expect to see in an episode written by Chris Colfer? Why two of his favourite things of course! “My two favorite things in life are animals and old people, so I definitely wanted to incorporate both of those into the story.”

Speaking of “old people”, (who said that? I didn’t say that) “Old Dog, New Tricks” has some very special guest stars, Academy Award nominated actress June Squibb, Star Wars legend Billy Dee Williams, and comedy icon Tim Conway will all be making an appearance.

Colfer admits he was overwhelmed by Ms Squibb: “I have to say, June blew me away. People need to watch this episode just for her performance. At 83 years old, she was on her feet 14 hours a day, singing and dancing and keeping up with the rest of us. She was just impressing everyone around her. She was incredible, and I hope she gets the recognition she deserves. She blew all of us away.”

Despite being terrified that his fellow cast members and Glee crew would hate what he’d written, he says he was happy with their initial reactions. “My phone was blowing up,” he recalls. “They were very supportive, and I think they all really enjoyed the story. … I hope so. At least that’s what they said.”

By now I’m sure you’ve all either seen the episode stills, the interviews with the cast or Colfer’s own Instagram videos (just in case you haven’t seen Colfer’s videos, I’ve put them below), so we’re all aware that the episode is about Kurt not quite feeling like he’s ‘made it’ in the same way his fiancé and friends have. In order to seek out some validation, he gets himself cast in the lead of a retirement home’s production of Peter Pan, and what does Peter Pan do? He flies!

“I’ve always wanted to do something like Peter Pan that involved harnesses and cool special effects,” Colfer said. Thankfully (in his opinion) though, “The costume was very comfortable. I am very, very excited that they didn’t go with the typical tights and spandex that he usually wears, and the harness was actually more comfortable than I thought.”

However, flying around the stage while singing Madonna’s “Lucky Star” was not without its downside. “I did have major, huge flesh wounds from hitting the wires constantly on my shoulders but other than that, it was pretty seamless,” Colfer admitted, before adding with a laugh, “I should have taken pictures of the welts that the wires caused, I definitely suffered for this art.”

He may have suffered, but judging by the Instagram video’s he posted, he sure had a ball doing it.


The Chris Colfer penned episode of Glee, “Old Dog, New Tricks” airs tonight (May 6) at 8/7c on FOX.

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