Aaron Paul Hopes To Call on Saul in ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin Off

Photo: BusinessInsider
Photo: BusinessInsider

Better Call Saul will follow the seedy lawyer in his earlier years. Aaron Paul told DigitalSpy at the 2014 Arqiva BAFTA Television Awards that he will be in the spin off if he is asked and that because the show is a prequel “It’d be nice to play Jesse Pinkman again in his happier times.”

Breaking Bad won the International series trophy at Sunday’s award ceremony, held in London, beating out  the Danish drama Borgen, the French series The Returned and Netflix’s own House of Cards. at last night’s

Paul has nothing but nice things to say about Breaking Bad. The actor said Netflix was responsible for exposing the show to the UK. He said of the matter “It took many years for the UK to find a home for Breaking Bad – I think it finally found its way after Neflix started airing it.”

Paul admitted that although he is biased when it comes to Breaking Bad, he does “Truly believe it’s one of the greatest television shows that’s ever been made.” We expect many would agree with this sentiment, and we can’t wait to potentially see Paul reprise the incredible role.


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