Wrestlemania 30: The PPV Fueled By A Roller Coaster of Must-See Emotional Moments

Photo Courtesy of @MissRox_ on twitter!
Photo Courtesy of @MissRox_ on twitter!

Ladies and Gentlemen Wrestlemania 30 just ended and it’s been a roller coaster of emotions from beginning to end. You may remember a few days ago when I made my predictions, and I’d say I did pretty well going 5-3 with my predictions. So if you haven’t watched the show you might want to look away now as I’m about to take a more in-depth look at what happened and what I thought of each match result.


Match 1: The Fatal 4 Way match for the WWE Tag Team Championship:
The Usos’ are still your WWE Tag Team Champions!!

As I predicted the Uso’s retained the championships and no one was surprised that they did. The match was a fun one though with back and forth action and tons of great spots. I think my favorite part might have been after the match when Cesaro FINALLY turned on Jack Swagger as he spun him around in the giant swing now making him a good guy… This wasn’t the last we’d see of Cesaro tonight, but more on that later.

Segment 1: Hulk Hogan comes out as the host of Wrestlemania, and brings along a few friends to make a pretty epic Wrestlemania moment:

Yes Hogan brought along some friends and these two people just happened to be two hall of famers, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock! This segment was obviously done to pump up the crowd and get them ready for the matches ahead. It was a long but fun segment as three fan favorite legends were in the ring at the same time.

Match 2: Daniel Bryan vs Triple H:
Daniel Bryan Wins and gets a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship later in the show.

Yes Yes Yes! Daniel Bryan won as I predicted and I couldn’t be more happy about this result. It was a great match to start the show out with. Great chemistry between Bryan and HHH made for a great match. When the match was over though HHH made his unhappiness known as he beat down Bryan to make sure he wouldn’t be able to make it to the match later that night.. but did Bryan then make it to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match? I’ll tell you later…

Match 3: Kane and The New Age Outlaws vs The Shield:
The Shield Wins in a quick match

Myself and many others thought The Shield would win this match, but I don’t think anyone thought that they would win so easily or so quickly. It was a great quick match though as The Shield showed total dominance and the final dagger with the two person triple powerbomb to end things was awesome.

Match 4: 1st Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal:
Shocker Cesaro wins!

Honestly I never thought that Cesaro had a chance of winning the match, but as the match went on it was clear that something special was going to happen with him. While I wasn’t keen on him winning and was hoping for anyone but him, he totally proved myself and many doubters wrong as he picked up the 425lbs Big Show off the ground and threw him over the top rope to win the Battle Royale. That will be a Wrestlemania moment that people will be watching for years to come, I guarantee it.

Match 5: John Cena vs Bray Wyatt w/ Harper and Rowan:
John Cena picks up the victory.

Like I said in my prediction I didn’t think Cena would take this one, but looks like I was wrong and Wyatt didn’t find Cena’s kryptonite after all. I honestly didn’t see the point in Cena winning though as it just makes Wyatt look weak yet again, when he should be pushed to look like the strong bad guy that he actually is.

Match 6: The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman:
The Streak is OVER!

It literally pained me to have to write that. I honestly sat in shock as they counted the 1-2-3 and made Brock Lesnar the winner. As they panned to the audience it was clear that they were just as shocked as I was with jaws dropped in disbelief. I don’t think anyone saw the streak ending, mostly because I don’t think anyone wanted it to end. It was one of the things that made him seem so legendary and unique, because he was unbeatable at Wrestlemania. Now with the streak ended I honestly don’t know what they will do with him or if he should even come back for a match at Wrestlemania next year. To me with the way they ended things it looked like this might be his swan song, and if it was it truly saddens me that he didn’t get to go out undefeated. It also bothers me that he had to lose to Brock Lesnar of all people. He’s a part-timer who was really only in the WWE for 2 years before quitting and coming back a few years ago for Wrestlemania. He’s made sporadic appearances since then, but of all people he should not have been the one to break the streak. It wasn’t a great match, and was basically Lesnar throwing Undertaker around which made for a painfully slow boring match that we all just watched because Undertaker was supposed to win. Undertaker shouldn’t have lost like that, but if this was his last match I have one thing to say… Thank You Undertaker.

Match 7: WWE Divas Championship Match Vicki Guerrero Divas Invitational:
AJ Lee is STILL your Diva’s Champion.

After the Undertaker loss, I honestly don’t think many could really get into this match, myself included. This match could have been a total and complete disaster and I probably wouldn’t have cared. I am happy to say that AJ is still the champion as I said she would be. It would have been an even bigger travesty if she lost in that screwed up match that should have never happened. What I did pay attention to, it was just chaos everywhere and everything looked almost too set up for it too look like a legit match. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this should have been a Battle Royale.

Match 8: Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
Your New Champion is… DANIEL BRYAN!!

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!  I’m honestly so glad that I was right about the winner of this match. It was a better match than I imagined it being and while I partially checked out when I thought Bryan was out of it, I was so glad he came back to take the win. One of my favorite moments though had to be the Batista bomb into an RKO on the announce tables, I almost guarantee that this will be a Wrestlemania moment that people could watch over and over again. Also despite my dislike for Batista he did a great job in keeping me interested in the match and made me a little happier that he was the one to tap out to Bryan in the end. I was so into the match as it was back and forth, but after the Batista bomb to RKO everyone thought Bryan was out of it as he was being taken off on a stretcher leaving Orton and Batista to fight it out. I honestly checked out of the match when Bryan was being taken off, but my attention was brought right back as Bryan fought out of the stretcher and back into the match. Bryan has this undeniable energy that makes any fan just want to cheer for him and be a part of the Yes Revolution. As Bryan’s hand was raised as the winner and he held up the Championships for the first time, it was a beautiful moment. You could see the look in Bryan’s eyes as it was a dream come true. He proved all the doubters wrong and made his mark on WWE history winning the main event at Wrestlemania. Congratulations Daniel Bryan!!

And that was Wrestlemania. It was a full on roller coaster with the highest of highs and lowest of lows. I honestly enjoyed the show. If only we hadn’t had that travesty in match 6 which tainted the competition, it would have been an amazing Wrestlemania. Now I want to hear from you. If you watched it, what did you think? Favorite moments? Worst moments? Let me know in the comments below!

Heather O'Connell