Will Michael C. Hall Be The New Daredevil? He’d Definitely Consider It

Photo: Showtime
Photo: Showtime


As you’ve probably heard by now, Netflix and Marvel have struck a deal and a live-action Daredevil series will find a home on the popular internet streaming service. The last time they tried to bring Daredevil to life didn’t really pan out to well (Sorry Ben, maybe Batman will be your thing).

The rumor mill has been a buzz that Miami Metro’s resident serial killer Michael C. Hall just might have what it takes to fill Daredevil’s shoes, erm suit? Vulture asked what he thought of the idea and Hall was coy with his response.

“I would definitely consider it… but I can’t tell you any inside information because I think they’re nothing but rumors.”

Hall spent eight seasons playing Dexter Morgan, blood spatter analyst by day and vigilante serial killer by night, on Showtime’s Dexter. He’s currently been focused on short-term projects, but the right script could change his tune.

“I really am enjoying mixing it up a little bit, and I’m committing to things that have a foreseeable end in sight when I start them, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of [a new series] happening at some point. But I’d have to read the script!”

The series begins filming this summer in New York with Drew Goddard, of Buffy fame, serving as showrunner. Goddard will also direct and write the first episode which is set to premiere next year.

I really hope this isn’t a rumor but the truth! I could always use more Michael C. Hall in my life! Be sure to follow 4YE for all the latest news on Netflix-Marvel’s Daredevil!